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When Living The Dream Turns To A Nightmare

I don't have any problem admitting that I'm numb right now and have been ever since the attempted comeback ended when the Texas line predictably allowed a pass-rushing linebacker to take a free shot at Garrett Gilbert in the empty set. As the numbness begins to wear off, I'll go back and watch the game again and begin analyzing what went wrong. After the numbness wears off and after the mammoth file of the game finally downloads.

For now, thanks to this piece from Eyes of TX, I'm choosing the spend the next few hours -- probably about a day or so -- reflecting on the achievements of this team, this group of seniors, The Roommates over the last two years and where the program is going forward. So some of the eventual game analysis will revolve around the first extended look at Garrett Gilbert, providing a too-early glimpse of the now-starting quarterback.

As the Narrative begins to unfold over the next several years, there's a strong chance that Gilbert will be leading his own group of Longhorns to the same type of success -- those will be the expectations. In the long wait until the next gameday for Texas football, a glorious Saturday in too-distant August.

But back to the time for appreciation. For right now, let go of your anger fellow Longhorn fans, be it anger at cruel fate, the coaching staff, or individual players -- if there's anger in that strange combination with numbness. If you're like me there is at least. Take a deep breath, give yourself one last chest bump for all the seniors and smile because even such a crushing loss can't diminish the awesomeness* of being a Longhorn fan at the beginning of 2010.

*The word awesomeness brought to you in honor of Colt McCoy.