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New Year's Resolution: Resetting The Karma

There's a very simple explanation for what has been happening to us: somebody upstairs is quite pissed at us for reasons unknown. As a Saints and Texas fan, I spent 2009 in a state of bliss. Through the middle of December my two favorite football teams were 26-0 and just two games away from a perfect year of football. Since the Big XII title game weekend, however, my teams are 0-4 with losses coming in every imaginable way. Sure the baseball losses in June sucked and nobody enjoys losing to Duke, but weren't those just a down payment on karmic success for the football season? 

For 3 months of football season it looked like things had worked, but then the karmic worm began to turn. As December turned to January I did everything I could think of to reset what was clearly becoming a karmic nightmare. Cabbies received $5 tips on $10 cab rides, old ladies went ahead of me in line at the grocery store despite them having a massive abundance of objects compared to my milk and jelly beans, I didn't try to run over any tourists trying to cross the street after the blinking dude had clearly turned to a red hand, when people slipped and fell in the snow I did not laugh, and so on. Turns out it was all for naught. 

Here we sit 9 days into a new decade and much will be on the line in the next few weeks, with the NFL playoffs and a home date with Kansas coming up within a month. Unless the karma that downed the baseball team, the gazelles and the football team is reversed then I fear we may be in for a long 2010. But the beautiful thing about karma is that it can, and often does, get reversed.

The task in front of us, therefore, is to figure out how to reverse this miserable karma and make it good. Fortunately the internet has come through with some easy instructions on how to improve our karma. According to wikipedia, karma is produced in four ways:

  • Through thoughts
  • Through words
  • Through actions we perform ourselves
  • Through actions others do under our instructions

Ok. Four easy steps for the Horns winning a basketball title, but we have to start now. From now on my thoughts will be happy. I spent halftime of the game-which-shan't-be-mentioned-again apologizing to any and all that I thought I had wronged. In case I have not talked to you specifically though, I'm sorry for having (insert whatever I did wrong) in the past year. The old lady with 4,500 items will continue to go ahead of my four items in line at the grocery store. That should take care of the first three.

For the fourth one I'm going to step onto the BON soapbox and preach to the community. We have all sinned karmically and we must all work together to improve our collective karma. I am instructing you now. You must do good deeds, you should have good thoughts, I'm asking you to say positive things, you need to pass along the good karma to other Horns over the next three months and can use this thread as your karmic open thread. Together we can help Rick, Augie and Mack win titles in the decade to come.