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Pundit Roundup is Abridged


Short version this week due to an unfortunately timed trip to Chicago and because...well...last week's column got buried on a Friday night and no one read it...which was not supposed to happen this week.  But it did.  Apologies.  As always, txtwstr7 is responsible for the sidebars.  Last week's column is here, and it's chock full of good stuff from txtwstr7 as well.  Enjoy it this leisurely Friday afternoon and Beat OU


"Just had to "google image" myself to stop them from taking me to jail cause I got pulled over and didn't have my license."

-From the Good Doctor, this story shows the quick thinking of Michigan CB Troy Woolfolk.  I didn’t realize that "Google Me, B*tch" phenomenon could also be used with cops. Well done, sir.  May Coach Rodriguez allow your twitter feed to live long and prosper.


Bruce Feldman: "Most surprising stat (from the blog today): Texas is 76th in rushing despite teams ranked 116th (WYO), 94th (UCLA) and 79th (Rice) in run D."

Joe Schad: "JBrantley says UF finding its offensive identity. Asked what it is, he started by mentioning teammate Trey Burton, who's playing Tebow."


Hey, You Know Who's Notre LAME?  Let me start off by saying that I really like Patrick Peterson. He’s a great football player who will be drafted very highly. He’s a bonafide stud. I thought it was pretty silly that he struck a pre-planned Heisman pose against West Virginia, but the return preceding the pose was pretty awesome.

But, after laughing about his Heisman pose, I started wondering if Peterson’s hijinks would work on the national media. I started wondering who would go the furthest in declaring him to be a Heisman candidate. As it turns out, that person was Larry Holder. This week,
Heisman Pundit noted that someone had declared Peterson as "the most dynamic player in college football since Charles Woodson." A quick google search revealed that it was written in this column from Holder.  Holder’s actual words were that Peterson’s efforts against WVU "proved" this statement.

Peterson is a pretty incredible football player, but let’s state the facts. Over three years of eligibility, the alleged "most dynamic player since Charles Woodson" has 5 career interceptions and 3 touchdowns. He has a *total* of 15 career punt returns, which dwarfs his 6 career kickoff returns. This year, he ranks 5th in punt return average and 17th in kick return average. In his LSU career, he’s never carried the rock or caught a pass from his own quarterback. That just doesn’t cut it for me, even though he’s had a fantastic year.

Does anyone think Holder would have written this column if Peterson hadn’t struck the Heisman pose?  Yeah, me neither. And that’s why Larry Holder is mentioned here this week. Because he let a pose dictate his prose over Patrick Peterson.

[Ed. Note: see also the Heisman hype for Denard Robinson heating up even more after this photo was taken.  Absurd.]



Just a quick thought about a blog post written by David Ubben this week for ESPN's Big 12 blog.  So let me get this straight Ubben, Texas had a bad game last week and has problems on offense.  Therefore, you think, Texas may lose to OU this weekend.  And if that happens, you speculate, it could result in a shift of the Red River series momentum back to OU.  Why?  I have absolutely no idea.  Ubben doesn't explain it.  And Bob Stoops doesn't understand it either, who basically says that Ubben's theory is stupid, and Ubben goes ahead and uses that quote as the last line of his article, and yet he didn't change the thesis of his article?  What?  I have no great theme this week, but I always love pointing out some terrible, terrible sportswriting.  Usually this link is enough, but this time, I thought something more specific was in order.

And now, without further ado, but with apologies to New York Magazine and Adam Sternbergh, here is your weekly Undulating Curve of Media Hype.