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Talkin' Texas: Nebraska Podcast

I just now realized that I never linked over to the podcast I recorded on Monday afternoon with the fine folks over at Corn Nation.  I'm still working on my game write up for this one, but for those interested in a rambling preview of Saturday's contest, check out the podcast with Corn Nation.

Particularly entertaining are my attempts to answer questions about our offense.  A few teasers from the transcript:

Corn:  Can you talk about the running backs?

PB:  Well, you need to rush the ball strong up the middle against Nebraska, so... LOLfail.

Corn:  How about the receivers?

PB:  We do a fail mcfail job of getting Mike Davis and Malcolm Williams the ball down the field.

Corn:  Gilbert?

PB:  It's like we want him to fail.

Corn:  What about the offensive line?

PB:  Words fail me.

Corn:  I sense a theme here.

PB:  I bet you do.