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Bevo's Roundup - October 15, 2010

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The Horns are just expecting the unexpected.

"It makes no sense," Brown said. "One game is not carried into the next like it used to."

Nebraska's receivers are laying the groundwork for their running game.

Nebraska receivers are becoming known for their blocking abilities.

"We’re just like offensive linemen on the perimeter," receiver Brandon Kinnie said. "Glorified offensive linemen."

Actually, Kinnie and Co. have proven they can catch a ball or two, but so far this season they’ve done most of their damage smashing cornerbacks, safeties and even the occasional linebacker.

NU's offensive line is one big reason for their success.

Nebraska is currently second in the nation in rushing yards per game at 338 yards per contest.

Taylor Martinez, Helu and Rex Burkhead are the easily identifiable reasons for success, but maybe even more important has been the play of the offensive line.

"Martinez is an extremely fine football player, but he had some help tonight as well," KSU coach Bill Snyder said. "They have an awfully good offensive line and some receivers that were knocking people down left and right downfield."

Tom Osbourne and Bo Pelini think this is just another game.

"Disappointing," Cornhuskers athletic director and resident legend Tom Osborne said Thursday, "but at the same time we don't feel we were badly treated there, either. We just didn't win the game."

"I don't think they are any different this week than they have been every other week," Pelini said after practice Thursday, referring to his players.

The stance of Official Nebraska is not shared by Unofficial Nebraska. The world has shifted on its axis in the 10 months since the loss to Texas. Nebraska accepted an invitation to join the Big Ten Conference next year, removing a hefty political counterweight to the Longhorns in the Big 12.

They don't want the players to do or say anything stupid.

It’s just another game. ... We’re not thinking about retribution. ... We have nothing but respect for Texas. ... It’s just another game. ... We’re preparing like we always do. ... There’s no extra motivation. ... It’s just another game.

Steve Warren knows what Pelini’s boys are saying. But as a former Husker, he has no interest in diplomacy.

"It’s easier for us to say what’s on our mind because we don’t have to look at Coach Pelini the next day," Warren said.

"The truth is, Texas hurt us in the past and we want to hurt them bad on Saturday. And while they’re down, we want to kick ’em.

"That’s the truth of the matter. ... We want to take one of those horns off this weekend."

The Dallas Morning News has everything you need to know about the game. Chuck Carlton got a lot of mailbag questions about Texas.

You don't like UT? Take a number. Texas fans just don't really care what Nebraska thinks.

Nebraska fans don't like Texas, and that's putting it mildly.

Guess what? Texas and its fans don't seem to care.

Saturday will be a Whaley family reunion.

Nebraska linebacker Alonzo Whaley — a redshirt sophomore — is the older brother of Longhorns H-back Chris Whaley, a redshirt freshman.

Both played together at Madisonville High School. Alonzo, one of nine Texans that Nebraska signed in 2008, was a Class 3A all-state player. He picked the Cornhuskers over Oklahoma State and Louisiana Tech.

Nebraska could be the next Arkansas.

The similarities are striking.

Both schools left what they viewed as a dying or at least struggling conference for pastures that were greener in not only prestige and tradition, but in dead presidents as well.

Both took their leave, in part, out of resentment over their status in their existing leagues, suffering slights either real or imagined and feeling too often like an outsider on some issues, like officiating, league headquarters or just decision-making clout — because of those dastardly Texas schools and specifically the University of the Joneses.

One has scheduled a regular, marquee game in the state of Texas, all the better to enhance its appeal to all those blue-chippers in the Lone Star state. Could the other be far behind?

John Kelso knows exactly why Nebraska left the conference. And The Austin Chronicle is firmly in UT's corner.

They really need to win Saturday. The Cornhuskers are trying to save money.

A $9.25 million settlement over Nebraska's exit from the Big 12 is expected to go before university regents on Friday.

Nebraska is leaving the conference to join the Big Ten on July 1.

The Big 12, under its bylaws, originally had sought to withhold 80 percent of Nebraska's actual slice of the conference payout for 2009-10 and its projected distribution for 2010-11. That would have been an estimated $19.4 million.

Nebraska can reduce its penalty to $8.755 million if the Cornhuskers are one of two Big 12 teams to play in a BCS bowl game this season. The league already is guaranteed one BCS spot.

Shield your eyes. This isn't pretty.



This is just sad.

Gary Pinkel explains Missouri's use of a rugby-style punting strategy.

Yes, any trip to Norman is a disaster.

Iowa State (3-3) and sixth-ranked Oklahoma (5-0) play at 6 p.m. Saturday in Norman, Okla., where Benton was hospitalized last November after being involved in a car-truck crash.

"I’m hoping I have no flashbacks. I don’t need any of that," he said. "It’s probably good to talk about it right now ... to get it out of my system."



Possibly required reading? Death to the BCS.


And finally...

More wisdom from Red Raider Barron Batch:

Making comparisons is a dangerous thing when you think about it. Comparisons can make you not realize what you have, and can even de-value the success that you should be proud of. Comparisons are pointless and useless. Comparisons are childish.

So this week I thought to myself, "Why the heck are you making all these comparisons? Just stop. You’re being ridiculous! Be content. You are blessed." So that was my approach this past week and will continue to be. I deleted the score center application off my iPhone so that I wasn’t tempted to track stats.

So after tossing all comparisons out the window, guess what happened? Irony struck me in the face again! It’s funny how sometimes before you can grasp on to something you have to let go of something else. Ironically, after letting go of all the comparisons, I was able to grasp what is important. So what is important? Being you. Not only being you but also being proud of it. Not only being proud of it, but enjoying it.

Happy Friday!


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