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ISU Game as "Texts From Last Night"

"Did that really just happen?"

In the span of less than 24 hours, I asked this exact same question while experiencing the highest and lowest moments for my two favorite teams in the last decade.  Still high on life from the Texas Rangers winning the pennant, I drove to Austin on about an hour's sleep to watch the Texas Longhorns continue salvaging their season by curb-stomping Iowa State.  Except they didnt.  At all. As y'all know, we lost at DKR to a team that got absolutely demolished by Utah and Oklahoma. 

As usually happens during a UT loss--and even during some wins--I received a flurry of angry text messages from my friends and relatives.  After the jump, and in the spirit of, I wanted to share some of these conversations with the BON Community...for the sake of full disclosure, a few of these entries were contributed by other BON authors.

(xxx): Great Crowd!

(xxx): Right now, there arent enough students in the south endzone to do the flash cards


(xxx): Is the stadium as empty as it looks on TV?

(xxx): No. It's emptier...


(xxx): I'm taking notes and emailing GD in the morning with my complaints.

(xxx): GD doesnt use email.  Too modern.  Try a telegram...


(xxx): Chykie. 

(xxx): Earnest.

(xxx): Garrett.

(xxx): Mitchell.

(xxx): Believe it or not, just sending you their names is somewhat cathartic.


(xxx): The old baton guy will be here today, right? 

(xxx): Think so...

(xxx): Good.  That's half the reason I decided to stay.  We suck.


(xxx): We should change our sponsor from Nike to UA 

(xxx): Then we might actually protect this house


(xxx): Will losing to ISU help us get rid of Greg Davis?

(xxx): No.

(xxx): : (


(xxx): A turnover!

(xxx): I forgot what those feel like


(xxx): Well, I guess we're getting less bad (sent during 4th quarter)


(xxx): I think I know how Aggies feel...


(xxx): Is this as bad as I think it is?

(xxx): Ask me two hours from now...

(xxx): Yes, it is...  (Sent two hours later)


(xxx): Are we going to be favored to beat Baylor next week?

(xxx): Depends on if they beat KSU tonight...

(xxx): If they do, they might be ranked...

(xxx): We need to beat them and OSU.

(xxx): If we dont, the game against A&M could be for last place in B12 South.

(xxx): God.


(xxx): The William and Mary fans just laughed at the score of your game

(xxx): Dont know why I told you that

(xxx): Sorry


(xxx): Have we ever lost to ISU before?

(xxx): No.

(xxx): Didnt think so. At least they beat Tech this year.

(xxx): what you just sent.


(xxx): At least you still have World Series tickets.  I root for the Astros and Longhorns

(xxx): My life sucks right now


(xxx): What are the positives from today's game?

(xxx): Not much.  No stupid personal foul penalties from our D?



(xxx): Football season is over.  How long until basket...base....damn.


(xxx): What are the chances Texas could steal Gus Malzahn?  He's amazing.

(xxx): Isnt Auburn just our farm system for coaches anyways?


Feel free to add your own text conversations below...

Hook 'em!