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Blog Poll Draft Ballot -- Week Nine

A new number one this week, but that doesn't mean we're off the Plunky Underdog bandwagon, just that Oregon and Auburn look really good. Last week we had it Oregon and Boise 1 and 1A, now it's Oregon and Auburn 1 and 1A with Boise close at #3. As far as Auburn goes, they may have only beaten LSU by 7, but they more or less shut down LSU's offense (not that impressive) and gashed the hell out of LSU's defense (insanely impressive). Cam Newton is just obscene and the front runner for Heisman right now.

It was an awful football weekend all around, so maybe the only ray of light was Oklahoma's championship hopes going down the drain. Punting down 11 on 4th and 10 with 2 minutes to play and no timeouts? Ballsy, Bob. Anyhow, our draft ballot and rationale for ranking Texas again this week after the jump.

  1. Oregon
  2. Auburn
  3. Boise
  4. TCU
  5. Mizzou
  6. Utah
  7. Michigan State
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Ohio State
  10. Bama
  11. Stanford
  12. Arizona
  13. Oklahoma
  14. LSU
  15. Arkansas
  16. Nebraska
  17. Florida State
  18. Okie State
  19. Iowa
  20. Miami
  21. South Carolina
  22. Mississippi State
  23. Baylor
  24. Michigan
  25. Nevada