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EDSBS LIVE: Football Tuesday Edition


This can't be the official Boise State Anthem. Now, it could be the "official" anthem, but it's certainly not the Official Anthem of Boise State football, though we did officially LOL when Jo-B holds the last BLUUUUUUUUUE. 

Boise plays Louisiana Tech tonight in the unending struggle for civic pride between Boise, idaho and Ruston, Louisiana. (Boise: ahead in most HDI indicators and football wins; Ruston, clearly leading in Karl Malone-ness.) We'll be doing a show at 9:00 p.m. to discuss how we've ruined Peter's life, and how Greg Davis is most certainly not to blame for Mack Brown's refusal to never dance again for his team. 

"So what I do, which is totally out of character, is I get [equipment manager] Chip Robertson to get me a coach's shirt, which is sort of torn down the middle. And I've got a camouflage shirt and pants under it, and I rip the coach's shirt off and – in pre-game – I pull the pants off. "And I had worked hard for a week – because I can't dance a lick – to do the Soulja Boy dance. And they laughed so hard that they were crying. And I was so embarrassed. And I thought, 'Finally, we're getting some emotion! It's going to work!' "And we stunk. We stunk."

The illustrations someone creates for this will be formidable.

Audio here. Chat here.

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