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Blog Poll Top 25 Ballot -- Week Nine

Another week, another effort to string together 3 or 4 entertaining sentences before getting to our ballot. As mentioned in the draft, Oregon and Auburn are basically 1 and 1A for us with Boise dropping not because of anything they did but because both Oregon and Auburn look really, really good. Baylor, Mississippi State and Nevada are ranked. Texas is not. Yea....

  • Is Utah riding the wave of TCU and Boise to their high ranking or are they being kept down by the other "big time" non-BCS schools? If Utah is the only one of the three to go undefeated would they get a shot at a title?
  • The Big Ten battle is kind of fun, in a "these teams are really boring and Ohio State and MSU don't play" kind of way.
  • Missouri beat the crap out of Oklahoma to salvage the tiniest bit of enjoyment out of the weekend. We thought Oklahoma was mediocre heading into the game, and they were...huzzah!
  • LSU and OU are the big losers this week, Missouri the big winner. We continue to bicker as to which team should be ahead of the other but the next few weeks ought to sort things out for good.
  • This would be more fun if Texas weren't terrible. Is it too soon to submit a Blog Poll Top 25 2011 Preseason ballot?