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World Series Open Thread

It is a strange, strange world indeed when I am looking to the excellence of my beloved San Francisco Giants to pick me up from the mediocrity of my Texas Longhorns. But following our home loss to Iowa State and the Giants thrilling upset of the Phillies to win the National League pennant, that's where we are.

Among those who care, I'm sure that most are Rangers fans, which is cool. I rather like Jon Daniels, Josh Hamilton, and Vlad Guerrero, among others, and I was delighted to see Texas stomp the Yankees.

But for the next nine days the love is all on one side. Go Giants. Keep giving me that sweet, beautiful torture.

Enjoy the games, and if you're a fan of either team, McCovey Chronicles and Lone Star Ball -- SB Nation's San Francisco and Texas blogs -- are both absolutely fantastic. Grant at MCC is literally my favorite blogger, of any kind. San Francisco fans know.

Go Giants. Four more wins.