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Something's Different This Time

Following my prediction that if Mack Brown intends to keep coaching a bit longer, this will be the offseason he finally parts with Greg Davis, I was asked why this year might be different, to which I replied:

A lot of people think the same thing you do. And I suppose I may revise my position at the end of the season, depending how things go from here.

But as of today, I can tell you that my sense is that the frustration and outright anger right now is at a different level than anything I've seen before. It hasn't been that long, but we're in a very different media environment today than we were even in 2003-04, the last time Greg Davis anger reached a boil.

While there was a good deal of anger during the disappointing 2006-07 seasons, there was still so much intoxication from the national title and VY-offense that there was restraint in the anger. It was more frustration and disappointment.

I think right now people are outright pissed. My sense is that this is different.

And now this morning, I see this interview with former UT standout Johnny Walker (read the whole thing):

What is your gut reaction from the loss to Iowa State?

Johnny Walker: First thing's first - it is completely unacceptable to lose to Iowa State. I think Greg Davis needs to resign as the offensive coordinator. I'm not for firing him, and I think he can stay on as the quarterback's coach, but I think its time to hand over the reins to Major Applewhite and let him call plays. I'm not for bashing on coaches, but I saw a big problem yesterday. When you're playing against a team in Iowa State that had lost by six touchdowns each of the past two weeks, surely there's something Utah and Oklahoma did to exploit something in their defense. You would think you'd have a game plan that featured some of what they did or at least something you do similarly that you feel will work just as well. They had no game plan. That part has nothing to do with players or anything like that - it is 100 percent coaching and that's completely unacceptable.

To see a former player call out the coaches so specifically, and so unequivocally, is not something that we've seen very often.

We'll see how things play out the rest of the way, but my gut feeling is that if the mood isn't substantially improved by the time this season wraps up, this is the end. Either Mack will decide he's had enough, or he'll make a change.

First things first, though...  Let's beat Baylor this weekend.