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NCAA Football TV Schedule, Week 8

Special thanks this week go to Samsung, who approached us wanting to sponsor posts related to the intersection of technology and sports. Well, this is it, in all its full, Saturday glory. Literally dozens of games from across the country, all available in the comfort of your living room. These are good times we live in. Good times indeed. Enjoy your football Saturday, my friends.

All times Central


Miami at Virginia MIA -15
11:00 Purdue at Illinois ILL -17
11:00 Syracuse at Cincinnati PICK
11:00 Northwestern at Indiana NW -3.5
11:00 Oklahoma St. at Kansas St. OSU -4.5
1:30 Tulsa at Notre Dame ND -8.5
2:30 Missouri at Nebraska (MAP) NEB -7.5
2:30 Michigan St. at Iowa (MAP) IA -6.5
2:30 Arizona at UCLA AZ -9.5
Florida vs Georgia
at Jacksonville
UGA -2
2:30 Duke at Navy NAVY -13.5
2:30 Wake Forest at Maryland MD -5.5
5:00 Auburn at Ole Miss AUB -7
6:00 Stanford at Washington STAN -7.5
6:00 Baylor at Texas TX -7.5
6:00 Kentucky at Mississippi St. MSU -6
6:30 Utah at Air Force UT -7
7:00 Ohio St. at Minnesota (MAP) OSU -25.5
7:00 Oregon at USC (MAP) ORE -6.5
8:00 Michigan at Penn St. MICH -3
8:15 Colorado at Oklahoma
OU -23.5
10:00 TCU at UNLV TCU -35

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