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Five Things to Watch: Texas Versus Baylor

Horns_bullet_mediumHonoring Colt McCoy: There's certainly room for debate about whether or not McCoy belongs among the absolute Longhorn greats -- is his legacy the most accurate and winningest quarterback in college football history or is he the player defined by being unable to win his team a national championship, never more apparent than his complete and abject failure running a damn simple play?

By the criteria recently decided upon by the Texas athletic department, McCoy qualifies as a national player of the year award winner and this season has put into stark relief just how much McCoy brought to the team, despite the struggles at times during his career.

For what he was -- a lightly-regarded recruit out of high school, a wide-eyed, scrawny kid in the huddle afraid of Kasey Studdard and company who grew up and became a laser-accurate passer, a tough, strong-willed improviser, and an overall outstanding representative of the university, McCoy deserves every bit of recognition the Texas crowd can provide on Saturday evening.

Horns_bullet_mediumThe DJ Monroe Saga Continues: Last week against Iowa State, DJ Monroe touched the ball once on offense. He picked up 10 yards, no surprise since that is roughly his season average, then trotted right off the field, never to be heard from again. In answering a question from the media about why the most explosive athlete on the Texas offense didn't see the field for more than one play, Greg Davis defended his decision not to play Monroe against Nebraska, his only defensible gameplan the entire season. Ladies and gentlemen, 2010 Texas football!

Davis did go on to admit that he should have played Monroe against Iowa State, which somehow represents progress in this clown fest. Let me learn you a little bit, GD. You know how you get behind a lot and that makes you scared of using Monroe? Think about where you are on the field. Would you like to score from that point on the field? Yes? Okay, then give Monroe the d%@# ball and he has the potential to score from there, wherever it is.

Horns_bullet_mediumEnvious Offense tour continues: Having to consider the possibility of losing to Baylor at home in football, something has hasn't happened since 1991, is certainly depressing, but there is positive news -- Longhorns fans can watch a well-devised, dangerous spread offense in DKR featuring a Texas-bred trio of playmakers representing successful evaluations by an up-and-coming coaching staff. And that team is Baylor.

So at least there will be one real offense on the field and that's something to appreciate, isn't it? Something to long after, to admire?

RGIII and Kendall Wright are major concerns for the Texas defense and Jay Finley is a serviceable back who makes the most of advantageous situations provided by the scheme and the talent of the Bears' other two playmakers.

Kendall Wright single-handedly ended the Ben Wells Era at Texas. Duration: one play.

PB's mancrush on Griffin probably even surpasses mine on Brandon Williams and Griffin's appearance on the scene at Baylor as a freshman, combined with Art Briles' offense and at least this Texas fan was forced to looks towards the future and consider the possibility of playing a too-close-for-comfort game against Baylor during Griffin's career.

At the time, the most dangerous game seemed like Griffin's senior year at home, 2012. Of course, the unexpected Meltdown 2010 has turned the world upside down, so the possibility of losing to Baylor is extremely real and a year early with Griffin's development as a passer.

Horns_bullet_mediumAn important game for Garrett Gilbert's on-going narrative: Seven starts are hardly enough to form a conclusive opinion about Gilbert and whether or not he can be as successfull at Texas as many projected and he certainly hasn't received a lot of help from his teammates and coaches at times. In other words, the narrative is still very much ongoing and the last chapter was almost overwhelmingly negative.

Will Gilbert show an ability to make better decisions under pressure? To pick up the available yardage with his feet instead of throwing into coverage? Can he put the ball where he wants it consistently, instead of having it come out fluttering so consistently?

A lot of questions to be sure, and the game against Baylor will provide some answers. For this particular chapter, at least.

Horns_bullet_mediumWhat have you done to prepare yourself for the possibility of losing to Baylor in football? Personally, I've resigned myself to the possibility of losing to anyone left on the schedule besides Schnelly and his Owls, so that's kind of how I've dealt with it. What about you?