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Baylor Game as "Texts From Last Night"...

This past week, I kept telling myself that the loss to Iowa State would be rock-bottom for this season. I didnt know if we'd actually beat Baylor (or KSU or OSU or A&M), but I didnt know how the team could possibly look any worse than last week. The pitiful performance against ISU was reflected in the text messages I received during the game. The team was so bad last week that it was almost comical. Some of the texts last week were pretty funny. Tonight, they were mostly sad. And angry. The type of anger that transcends humor.

After the jump, and in the spirit of, I wanted to share some text conversations with the BON last week, a few of these entries were contributed by other BON authors.

(xxx): If you were an elite RB, where would you go to school?

(xxx): Texas

(xxx): Ok, where would you *objectively* go to school?

(xxx): Oregon.

(xxx): Or Alabama. Or Nebraska.

(xxx): I agree. You can stop now.

(xxx): Are you doing a "text" post for this game?

(xxx): Probably...

(xxx): What do I have to do to make it?

(xxx): Say something poignant or funny...

(xxx): If we lose, I will freaking lose my (mind) and beat the (heck) out of someone wearing a (bad) costume.

(xxx): Sadly, that might work....

(xxx): Why is Curtis Brown still fielding punts?

(xxx): Because "we're texas." Seems to be the best and worst thing about this program right now.

(xxx): The Rangers are playing into November. I'm worried the Longhorns are going to quit in October.

(xxx): FALL ON THE BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (from multiple people)

(xxx): It's true. Hix is the Flozell Adams of this football team.

(xxx): We play football like Jordan Hamilton plays defense. And that's saying something.

(xxx): No leadership from this team. It's like Roy's senior year.

(xxx): We no longer "own" DKR...instead, we decided to start renting it to our opponents this season.

(xxx): We should just start rushing 11 at every punt.

(xxx): Baylor? (from an OU fan)

(xxx): I'm killing myself. This is pathetic.

(xxx): You dont get to kill yourself. Misery needs company.

(xxx): I can’t watch, tell me when it’s over.

(xxx): Lemme know if we make a comeback.

(xxx): Just stopped Baylor. Getting ball back.

(xxx): Ok, you'll NEVER guess what just happened on the punt...

(xxx): You're joking. You have to be joking.

(xxx): We just ran the ball, inside the 10, down 11, with 4 minutes to go.

(xxx): And we just did it again.

(xxx): And now a timeout!!!!! WOW!

(xxx): The plane has crashed into the GD mountain.

(xxx): Should I keep caring about this team? It really doesnt look like they care if they win or not.

(xxx): Did anyone look like they wanted to be there tonight?

(xxx): RGIII. And Finley. And Briles. Well, all of their guys.

(xxx): Duh. What about our guys?

(xxx): No.

(xxx): Does THIS mean Greg Davis is finally gone?

(xxx): Dunno. Still not sure.

(xxx): : (

(xxx): This is funny when it happens to ND and USC.

(xxx): Not so much when it happens to us.

Feel free to post your own comments and conversations below...