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Choose Your Own Game Plan

You are the offensive coordinator of the Texas Longhorns.  In your last game against UCLA, you tried to wear out the defense by running side-to-side.  Your strategy failed, and you had to spend the entire week hearing about what went wrong. 

You went to the Broken Spoke to drown your sorrows and get away from it all, only to discover the patrons were line dancing the "Horizontal Shuffle," named after you.

It is one week later and you are in charge of calling the plays against Oklahoma.  The Sooners receive the ball and score a touchdown on their first drive.  Your offense takes the field for the first time, down 7-0.

What do you do?

Throw it horizontally to James Kirkendoll (Page 11)

Throw it horizontally to Marquis Goodwin (Page 7)

Run misdirection sweep (Page 22)