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The "We're Texas, So Act Like Ya Been There" Game Thread

What's up party BONers?  

So peep dis...almost all the BON site editors are at the game tonight  and I had to stay home because my wife was all like, "your daughter could be born any day now." And I was like, "ahhh, Baby, Austin's only like 3 hours away from Dallas, it's not like she'll remember that I'm not there." 

Oh how I do love me some Longhorns, but family comes first. 

Anyway, my loss is your pain, cuz PB left my ass in charge tonight and I'll just tell you now, my liver is already on Defcon Floor and I've got the tolerance of a 13-year old school girl. So Gundy will be getting a whole lot more than Hair Action from this thread tonight. 

I also have no tolerance for HATE and I'll tell you why. Along with thousands of men who've represented the Orange and White, I also sweat, bled, and left a few years of my lifespan on that field down in Austin back in the mid-90's. And while I don't know the current players or these coaches personally, I can tell you for certain that they do want to win and make us proud. And we will show them that respect. 


So here's the can be critical of the play on the field, you make light of the bad season we're having, hell, you can even curse on this thread...but you can NOT and you will NOT spew hate towards a player, a coach, the program, or each other...cuz I got the DELETE button and an itchy trigger finger.

This is a HATE FREE ZONE. There are plenty of other sites for those of you who just want to rant and spread that ignorant bullshit. And if I'm here talking to myself all night, that's just the way it's going to be. But I know in my heart that the folks who made this forum one of the proudest things I've ever been a part of, will bring it tonight. 

Let's bring it up.

Give me an Orange!     ORANGE!!!

Give me a White!         WHITE!!!!

What do ya got?         ORANGE AND WHITE!!!!

What's that mean?        TEXAS LONGHORNS - FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!!