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OSU Game as "Texts From Last Night"

Above everything else, going to football games at DKR is supposed to be fun. And, for the last decade, Texas Longhorns fans who spent money on football tickets shouldnt have too many complaints.  Sure, there's been a few disappointing losses, but they are vastly overshadowed by all the thunderous beatdowns against conference opponents.  

This year...not so much.  This year has not been fun.  Especially at DKR.  And that lack of fun could not have been more apparent from the reactions of the crowd at the Oklahoma State game.  It was a crowd that was angry, but also somewhat accepting over our fate.  We were expected to lose, it quickly became apparent that we were going to lose, and then we lost.  And it was not fun.  At all.

After the jump, and in the spirit of, I wanted to share some of my text conversations with the BON the last couple of weeks, a few of these entries were contributed by other BON authors.

(xxx): Are we going to win tonight?

(xxx): Probably not.

(xxx): I know.  I'm just still not used to this "underdog" thing.


(xxx): If there was a stat for "towel waving," our bench would be very highly ranked

(xxx): They really do wave the [heck] out of those things.


(xxx): Are you at the game?

(xxx): Yup.

(xxx): Sucker!  I'm watching Pacquiao instead.


(xxx): We're going to have more advertisements than points today

(xxx): I may keep track of that during the game

(xxx): Dont.  It will just depress you even more.


(xxx): Tucker is our offensive MVP


(xxx): This OSU possession feels really important

(xxx): Which is why it took them exactly two plays to score that drive

(xxx): This is hopeless


(xxx): Ball game?

(xxx): It was ballgame at 9-3

(xxx): That's actually when I texted you.  This team just waits to give up.


(xxx): Do we actually use 11 players on d?  There's so much uncovered space tonight


(xxx): If our team decides to quit after halftime, we could lose by 40 points

(xxx): Is it bad that I'm hoping Gundy shows some mercy?


(xxx): Ugly half.

(xxx): Bad things, brother.  This team is in eternal preseason.

(xxx): Amen to that.  All my football teams are taking the year off.


(xxx): Our offense is just like the current sky...starless.

(xxx): I'm still convinced the stars are there somewhere


(xxx): I'm glad Mack just called us "the best fans in America" in an advertisement to a half-empty stadium


(xxx): There's a guy in my section chanting "We want Case"

(xxx): That might be the only thing that could make this game even worse


(xxx): The return of the "Oh My God" girl from the UCLA game and the dude rubbing his nipples on Godzillatron are the current highlights of being at this game

(xxx): Yeah, those made me smile, unlike what is happening on the field


(xxx): This is miserable.  I dont even want to be here.  Right now, I'm cold and sad.


(xxx): ABC just switched from the Texas game to the USC game


(xxx): I blame you for this season.  You finally graduated and everything fell apart

(xxx): Just kidding!  I blame Greg Davis.


(xxx): There is no one within 9 rows of us now.  This place is a ghost town.


(xxx): Our fanbase is in an epic meltdown right now.  It's sad to watch.  It's one thing to be spoiled and another thing to be stupid.


(xxx): We're driving to Houston after the game

(xxx) When you get to Houston, see if you can find a heart for this team to borrow.

(xxx): And some plays where the receivers catch the ball while running.


(xxx): Are you still at the game?

(xxx): Yup

(xxx): Why?  Why dont you just leave?

(xxx): Because of the undergrads wearing tight jeans and hooker boots a few rows in front of me


(xxx): Part 3 is whiskey


(xxx): You want to go to the FAU game next week?   

(xxx): Nope.  I dont think I'm the only one, either.

(xxx): It's gonna be bad.  Exactly how bad will depend on the final score.

(xxx): Word.


As always, feel free to include your own conversations below...

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