When We Fell In Love

This isn't a post to compare ourselves to one another and see who the bigger fan is.  This more just an opporutnity for posters to take a stroll down memory lane and remember the time where they officially started bleeding orange.  I'm sure this sort of post has been done on BON before, but I thought it might be fun/interesting to see each other's memories.  Discussing this season's team has exhausted me and probably many of us, so hopefully this provides some of us with a temporary getaway.

I have been a fan of UT since I was born.  My parents claim that my favorite color has been orange since I was able to say the word, so it seems I was destined for my obsession with this team.  My mom was a UT grad and I always had the hats and t-shirts, but I don't think that is how I really started to bleed burnt orange.  I can't say that I remember suffering through the Mackovic era with many of yall, because either I was too young or didn't have much of a grip on football at the time.  I lived in Mexico for a large part of my childhood, so watching football wasn't always the easiest thing in the world.

After a few years in Mexico my family finally figured out a way to get DirecTV in Mexico, so I was finally able to see some of my horns in action.

I was able to see the Ricky Williams Heisman ceremony, but that’s not even when I fell in love.  I remember the phone call from my mom to turn on espn because a longhorn was about to win the Heisman.  I didn't really know what the Heisman was, but I knew it was a big deal.  To me Ricky was the guy with dreadlocks that had a tongue ring, gross.

The Bonfire tragedy at Texas A&M is another memory that stands out in my Texas fan hood.  I didn't and still don't really understand their bonfire tradition, but I understood that it was really sad.  When we lost that year, I remember not being all too upset, because I felt like they deserved it.

As a side note, pretty much the only times I missed school during my time in Mexico was the Friday after Thanksgiving, because obviously it’s not celebrated down there.  That used to be better than Christmas for me, I was the lucky gringo that got to miss school for "futbol americano".

I vividly remember watching the Big 12 championship vs. Colorado and having my heart ripped out on that roughing the kicker penalty, but I still don't think this is when true love happened.  By now I was finally beginning to wrap my mind around football and started to follow the team whenever I could.

The time when I fell in love with this school/team/color/tradition/mascot was when I was 12 years old.  Many of you probably don't even remember this game, but I will never forget it.  My mom's classmates had their annual reunion for a Texas game and for the first time since we had moved to Mexico she decided to attend and bring the family.  The game was a meaningless mid-October 2000 match up with an unranked Missouri team.  It was pretty chilly and it poured rain for most of the game, but I refused to leave.  Eventually my mom and sister left part way through the game and my dad was left with the unenviable task of sitting with my stubborn ass (He's not even a UT alum, poor guy.  He literally bleeds for UT now though, he writes the tuition checks, haha).  I can't remember the score, but it was a blow out by UT.  I fell in love with the fans, the fight songs, Big Bertha, Bevo, the Spurs, DKR stadium and the list goes on.  This trip was the point of no return for me.  Since then I have been a UT football addict, to the point of probably needing medical attention and/or therapy and I absolutely love it.

It’s funny how this one fairly meaningless game in the history of UT turned my soul burnt orange.

So fill us in, what was the moment for yall?

I look forward to reading yall's thoughts, Hook 'em

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