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Bevo's Roundup - November 22, 2010



Mack Bown has given his staff a grade of F this season.

"I think it’s an ‘F,’" Brown said Wednesday. "We just haven’t been as productive as we should have with these players. That doesn’t sound good. It’s not pretty. But it’s factual." Brown, however, emphasized that he won’t consider making any changes to his staff until after this season ends.

Brown assigned homework on Saturday.

Just after the celebration in the Longhorn locker room Saturday evening, Mack Brown handed out instructions to his team.

Take a pen or pencil, the Texas head coach told his players, watch the Texas A&M-Nebraska game and put down on paper what each can do to help his team win against the Aggies on Thanksgiving night.

Just Texas' luck.

The Longhorns win their first game in a month, and as a reward, they get ... homework?


How often does this actually work?

"Hail Mary," said the Longhorns wide receiver, who on Saturday learned what it's like to actually make one of those things work.

But even in the best of the good old days of Colt McCoy and Vince Young, the Longhorns had never pulled off what they did Saturday — a successful Hail Mary. In fact, offensive coordinator Greg Davis said he'd never been part of a successful one in his 38 years of coaching, and Mack Brown couldn't remember having one work for him, either.

"There's a reason they're called 'Hail Marys,' " Brown said.

Amazing what a win will do.

Saturday's victory came against Florida Atlantic, a 4-6 team from the Sun Belt Conference, not against a Florida State or a Florida. But it didn't matter. All that mattered to the Longhorns was they got to again experience what linebacker Emmanuel Acho called "the feeling of victory."

They liked it.

"The excitement in there was awesome," quarterback Garrett Gilbert said of the postgame celebration in the locker room. "It was definitely something we could all get used to."

That was the problem. Curtis Brown needed contacts!

Just hearing now that Curtis Brown has been wearing contact lenses for the last week. The Longhorn senior cornerback didn't tell anyone he had fuzzy vision until recently. Not sure that explains all those poor punt-returning decisions.



The Cornhuskers were beaten by the other university in Texas.

Can you say diva? Is Taylor Martinez still a Cornhusker?

Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman is not pleased with Pelini's behavior.

Perlman said Sunday that Pelini's verbal assault of officials during Saturday's game at Texas A&M did not reflect well on the university or the football program.

"I think it was very unfortunate," Perlman said, "and I think it's something we'll have to address with Bo."

A man is about as big as the things that make him angry. - Winston Churchill

Pelini's whining is misplaced.

Except the officials got it right that night almost a year ago. Eventually, that game's result became the foundation for Nebraska's farewell season in the Big 12. The whole season, it seemed, revolved around beating Texas on Oct. 16. It was about getting even and it was childish. The 20-13 loss looks worse every day for Nebraska.

And Pelini's conduct, bordering on embarrassing, is becoming an issue. There is a quiet confidence (arrogance?) around Husker Nation that everything will be better in the Big Ten. More millions, "classier" league. More competent officials? Everybody thinks their conference's officials are the worst. First let's see if the Big Ten has figured out conference expansion. It sure has hell hasn't figured out how to expand a stadium.

The other Pelini is a Youtube sensation. Or a candidate for anger management therapy. Link here, here and here.

How many seasons have we heard this? The Aggies are relevant again.

And college football is better for it.

The largest crowd in school history was louder than ever, and Aggieland was never more electric. It was what Sherman envisioned when he arrived in College Station three years ago -- and what he thought it could be despite two shaky seasons to begin his tenure.

College football is better when Texas A&M is relevant.

Mike Sherman could have used a DKR quote...

Sherman gave his team a message after Nebraska.

"I always tell them, 'Don't act surprised when you win a game like this,' " Sherman said. "I think you create your own momentum."

Or just act like you've been there, Aggies.

This win was big for A&M.

Conspiracy theories aside, the result really didn't change much in the big picture. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State's victories Saturday assured the winner of next week's Bedlam game will win the Big 12 South, while Nebraska will still take the North if it beats Colorado. But try telling the A&M fans that stormed the field afterward their win was "meaningless." Aggies fans haven't had this much cause for excitement about their program in many years.

The Aggies will not win out in three-way tie.

But don't plan on celebrating the tie-breaker result if you're an A&M fan.

For the second time in three years, a potential three-way tie in the South Division would be broken by the placement of the respective teams in the BCS standings released Nov. 28, one day after the conclusion of regular-season play. And in this potential deadlock, just like the one in 2008, all signs suggest the tie will go to the Sooners.

People will still be talking about the A&M-Nebraska game for a while.

Mike Gundy has evolved.

Meet the new Mike Gundy.

Relaxed. Secure. Serene. Funny.

In essence, it's the old Mike Gundy, the guy we all knew as OSU's offensive coordinator under Les Miles. The Mike Gundy we thought he'd be as Cowboys head coach. And now is, again.

And – coincidentally? – he's among the front-runners for National Coach of the Year, with his team at No. 10 in the BCS rankings … in a so-called rebuilding year.

It's Bedlam.

The Oklahoma State faithful can be forgiven for looking ahead a bit prematurely. This week's game against Kansas was over long before the final horn, and next week's showdown against Oklahoma is only the biggest game in program history.

Bob really missed this one.

OU strongly considered Blackmon but eventually decided not to offer the Plainview standout. Broyles watched first-hand as a senior at Norman High as OU offered multiple local prospects, including Jontae Bumpus of Muskogee and Heritage Hall kicker Jimmy Stevens, before finally offering Broyles shortly after he orally committed to the Cowboys in January 2007.



Not many major changes in the BCS standings.

The fact that three of the top four teams in college football had the weekend off had little effect on Sunday's college football polls, with Oregon, Auburn, Boise State and Texas Christian all retaining their positions from last week.

The top eight positions in the USA Today coaches' poll did not shift: Oregon, Auburn, Boise State, TCU, Wisconsin, Louisiana State, Ohio State and Stanford.

Boise could bump the Horny Frogs at some point soon.

The title game just wouldn't be the same without the Broncos.

"They are very deserving of playing in the title game," Hill said.

"Last year when we played Wisconsin and Cincinnati, I said Boise was the best team we played," Hill said. "People just don't want to hear it. But I'll tell you what. I'll say they can play against anybody."


They can beat anybody, too, 24 anybodies in a row. The question is whether they will get the opportunity to beat that special somebody. Based on 10 games, any championship game without Boise State wouldn't be a championship game at all.

Here's the projected bowl pairings, if you care.

The dissection of the Cam Newton saga isn't going to be pretty.



And finally...

This has a tough been season for the fans and supporters of the University of Texas. Most of all, this has a been a rough year for the team and yes, the coaching staff. But this shall pass.

Let's remember who we are as a university, as a people and as a fan base.

We are Texas.

Hook em. Beat the hell of out A&M.


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