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Vince Young Apparently Unwelcome At Titans Facility

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[Update]: Per ESPN, it was Fisher who told Loggains to ask Young to leave. According to Fisher, Young quit on the team Sunday and there was no reason for him to be at the facility.


On Monday, Titans head coach Jeff Fisher talked about moving on from Sunday's incident with Vince Young and worrying about the players on his team that can play. Apparently, someone in the organization is worried about Young and those worries extend to even allowing him to be around his teammates.

In what may be another sign that his time in Tennessee is coming to a close, Young was asked to leave the team's facility on Monday. While in the training room with a team official, Young was reportedly approached by quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains and told that he needed to leave, which he did without incident.

As much blame as Young deserves for his actions on Sunday -- and he deserves a great deal of it -- this seems on the surface like a petty move by the Titans. It's not clear at this time who in the organization issued the directive, but it hardly seems fair to Young, especially since some of his teammates were present as well, surely a hurtful moment for someone with as much pride as VY. After all, wouldn't it be worse if he didn't want to be around his teammates and at the team's facility?

Playing devil's advocate here, showing up the head coach in front of the whole team is an offense that would likely result in the vast majority of players in the league receiving their walking papers. Though it may smack of paranoia, given Young's temper tantrum on Sunday, it's not hard to imagine that Fisher and possibly others in the organization are worried about Young continued to undermine the coach's authority. To the extent that Fisher has to protect his own team from mutiny, maybe keeping Young away from the team for the time being isn't as easy to condemn as it may appear.

Either way, things just went from bad to worse between Young and the Titans.