Assistant Roulette Predictions/Wish List

I'm sure you guys all heard the rumors about how Davis, McWhorter, Kennedy, Tollison, and possibly Chambers will be gone by means of retirement, resignation, or straight up termination. Word has it that Muschamp will have plenty of impact in deciding the new assistants. What I'm going to do is write all the vacant staff spots and predict who will fill them, and then you guys do the same to hopefully get a little offseason discussion going. Sad that it's the offseason, but this could be the offseason that defines the program for the next ten years. I'm going to include RB and QB coach on this list because I feel that Major will be promoted to QB coach but not OC.

Here we go:

Position: Coach (current school)

Offensive Coordinator: Guz Malzahn (Auburn)

- Auburn is a virtual breeding ground for Texas assistants, and with the possibility of sanctions combined with the likelihood that Dana Holgerson will not want to leave Stillwater for another Big 12 school, Malzahn could very well be our guy. He has orchestrated great offenses for the Tigers under former Texas DC Gene Chizik (although Cam Newton has certainly helped out).

Quarterbacks Coach: Major Applewhite (Texas)

- I feel like Coaches Brown and Muschamp will want some kind of continuity on the staff, and while Major is not the answer at running backs coach, he very well could be the guy at QB coach. Worth at least a shot, as I would be shocked if he was fired. Another option here would obviously be Malzahn.

Running Backs Coach: Ron Gould (California)

- A guy many haven't heard of, he has coached up Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett, and Jahvid Best. He'd be a quality hire.

Receivers Coach: Ray Sherman (Dallas Cowboys)

- Here's a guy who turned undrafted Miles Austin into an All-Pro and could likely be out of a job with the Cowboys' head coaching change, although Jason Garrett probably wouldn't fire him. NFL experience would be great for the program, and he would do great things for our WRs.

Offensive Line Coach: Joe Pendry (Alabama)

- Wishful thinking I'm sure, but we're Texas and we have money. This guy coaches up disciplined, tough offensive lines that have turned Greg McElroy into National Championship winning QB Greg McElroy. So he's gotta be good.

What do y'all think?

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