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Blog Poll Top 25 -- Week Ten

One of the things we've seen from repeated post-graduation returns to Austin is how much things change. For example: one of the apartments one of us lived in burned down a couple of years ago, they built a bunch of huge monstrosities in West Campus, and DKR has field turf now. Oh, and Texas loses to Baylor in sports now. They didn't do that when we were in school. On to the rankings.

  • Oregon and Auburn are looking pretty identical. An AU-Oregon title game would be pretty fun.
  • Winner of TCU-Utah will probably jump Boise in our book unless it's just a horrific game.
  • Who is Dixie State? Why were they an option for us to choose? We aren't sure, but when you can rank the Dixie State Rebels in a meaningless poll you have to do it.