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Vaccaro, Phillips New Punt Returners

KEYE 42 in Austin announced tonight that Mack is replacing Curtis Brown and Aaran Williams with sophomore Kenny Vaccaro and freshman Adrian Phillips for the Kansas State game Friday night in Manhattan.

According to Brown, both Vaccaro and Phillips have shown sure-handedness before.  "Kenny was a great receiver in high school. In fact, when we took him, we did not know whether he would be a receiver or a safety. He has great hands. Adrian was actually a receiver and quarterback in high school, so he has played everywhere. We feel like both of those guys now have played in big games, even on the road, because Adrian played a lot at Nebraska and Kenny has played a lot for two years. We do not think that they will be nervous about the opportunity."

Not only have neither returned punts for Texas, only Vaccaro shows some KOR yardage from 2007 HS.  DC Will Muschamp and WR Coach Bobby Kennedy recruited Phillips while Kennedy and ST Coach Mike Tolleson teamed on Vaccaro.

Vaccaro is the starting nickel back, while safety Phillips is the back-up to Blake Gideon. At 4.47 he's got some speed on his 5-11, 199-pound frame and played well against NU. Vaccaro may not have as much speed but he probably should be measured in foot-pounds per square inch anyway. There's no doubt he should have the aggressive attitude a punt returner needs...once he has the ball.

Many here would have made some change many weeks ago, no doubt. There was no mention of other players in the mix. We're going to have to endure a rookie or two on a chilly Manhattan night (high in 60s, dropping to lower 40s,  but clear).

Better than the alternative? We'll see.