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Myck Kabongo Re-Commits To Texas

As bad as losing to Baylor was, it wasn't even the worst news of Saturday.  The decommitment of super point guard Myck Kabongo was.  At least to me.

Happily, the scare ends almost as suddenly as it arrived, as Kabongo re-committed to Rick Barnes' program today.

"I took a quick step and I evaluated everything and quickly realized that Texas is best for me," Kabongo said in a text message to "For all the reasons I've stated before in the past, there's no way I can build a relationship with [another] coach in a year like I have with Coach [Rick] Barnes and the staff at Texas and I don't want to waste the other coaches or individuals associated with the schools time knowing this."

Works for me. Welcome back, Myck. We're damn glad to have you. Again.