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Bevo's Roundup - November 8, 2010

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Here is your Monday downer...

No one has a clue.

Asked if he felt Texas was the more talented of the two football teams on the field Saturday, offensive lineman Britt Mitchell didn't give the typical Longhorn answer.

"It's hard to tell because we had a lot of turnovers," the offensive tackle said. "It's just hard to say."

Typically, that question receives a no-brainer response from Texas players.

There just isn't any reason for the Horns to be this bad.

For Texas, the nightmare continues, and it’s difficult to fathom how things got this bad this quickly. Nine games and three quarters ago, the Longhorns held a first-quarter lead on Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game.

I spent much of the first half of Saturday’s game checking out recruiting rankings from the service that does it better than any,, and the results only deepen the puzzle.

Starting with the signing class of 2006, guys who would be in their fifth year, the Longhorns hauled in classes ranked fifth, fifth, 14th, fifth and third.

Kirk Bohls sens some love Fozzy's way.

The one Longhorn who strikes me as the single, hardest-playing player on the team? Running back Fozzy Whittaker — one of the most likable and mature personalities on the team, alongside Acho — has had a good season. I could see him as a versatile, do-it-all athlete who could make it in the NFL much like a Kevin Faulk with the New England Patriots.

Report card time.



TexasSports has a postgame report with some Mackspeak. (Some Greg Davis is there, too.) Watch it, or just bang your head against the wall. It's all about the same.



Rick Barnes looks to the future.

By the end of last season, Texas coach Rick Barnes was tired of talking about what went wrong with the 2009-10 Longhorns basketball team.

Eight months later, he's even less interested in discussing it.

Wonder if they are roommates? Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph have been teammates for years.

Michael Peck thinks you'll like the new kids as much as he does.

Peck is the coach at Findlay Prep, the ambitious and successful basketball program in Henderson, Nev., where Longhorn freshmen Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson spent part of their high school careers.

"They are really good people," Peck said. "And ultra-competitive."


See, this season isn't a total loss. The Land Thieves lose to the Aggies!

An offensive coordinator named college football's assistant of the year two seasons ago. A tight end with four play-action touchdown catches near the goal line. An offensive line seemingly coming around. A sledgehammer of a run-blocking fullback. The most prolific touchdown maker in school history.

But Saturday in College Station, OU's goal-line offense was anything but formidable in a 33-19 loss to the Aggies.

The Poke offense is just starting to mesh. Great.

The Aggies are No. 23 in the AP Poll.

You have to love Paul Rhodes' confidence in his team and in his program.

Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads made one of the gutsiest calls on Saturday.

With his host Cyclones trailing visiting Nebraska by one point following a touchdown in overtime, Rhoads called for a fake conversion kick — trying to win the game with a two-point conversion rather than tie the score to go into a second overtime period.

But the pass from holder Daniel Kuehl was intercepted and No. 7 Nebraska escaped with a 31-30 victory and firm grip on the top spot in the Big 12 North division standings.

"It's a game of inches," Rhoads told reporters. "I had no hesitation whatsoever. If we execute, game over. We're the ones running in the end zone to celebrate."

At least the Buffs have their coach at least one more week. Or not.

At least the Iowa State football team can rest easy knowing it won’t have to strategize for a Colorado team playing under a new coach on Saturday.


The Denver Post reported Sunday that if Buffaloes coach Dan Hawkins gets fired, it won’t come until after the season.

The Boulder Daily Camera, meanwhile, reported "that the school could make an announcement in regard to his future later this week."

The Jayhawks beat the Buffs.

The Lost Lettermen has a great profile on Art Briles.



A trick play from a middle school team in Driscoll TX.

The fall of several storied programs this season. Yes, we made the list.

Tim Tebow is writing a book.

Former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow is working on an inspirational memoir.

In a statement released by HarperCollins, the 23-year-old Tebow said his book would be a story "of faith, family and football" and inspiring people to "fulfill their dreams."

Congratulations to JoePa.


And finally...

My thoughts exactly. A woman's view of sports that sums up my feelings about this football season.

It seems that sports fandom is ideal for women who are gluttons for bitter disappointment. Why ignore sports and be disappointed by one man at a time when you can be a rabid fan and be disappointed by entire teams of men at once?

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