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New Rivals 100 Out—8 Longhorns Present

Malcolm Brown, Christian Westerman, Steve Edmond, Sedrick Flowers, Desmond Jackson, Jaxon Shipley, Quandre Diggs, and and Quincy Russell all get the nod for top 100. More after the jump...

Three new five stars were added. Ironically, two of them were OU commits in running back Brandon Williams and wide receiver Trey Metoyer.

Williams made a huge leap, as GoBR predicted, upon services seeing him tearing competition to shreds in his senior tapes. Fully expect the UT fanbase to be arguing over the choice to not only not offer Brandon Williams, but tell him were weren't going to recruit him at all, resulting in his immediate commitment to Baylor, subsequent decommitment, and current verbal to OU. Also, pray for Miles Onyegbule to come in and perform well (not to mention Bobby Kennedy, if he's still on the staff, who chose him), because they'll be a lot of talk about the decision to take him over Metoyer.

Needless to say, I'm absolutely terrified about OU's potential on offense with Landry Jones as a junior next season, with Blake Bell behind him, throwing to Kenny Stills and Trey Metoyer for years to come, as well as the combination of Roy Finch/Brennan Clay/Brandon Williams in the backfield. Yikes!

Steve Edmond and Christian Westerman are both in the top 20, so while both fell in these rankings, they will most likely earn five stars by the time the full allotment are given out.

I'm psyched about this class and think we have a lot of gamechangers on both sides of the ball that are ready to come in and play early, as well as restore the program to the level it's supposed to be at. There is hope guys, always remember that!

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