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Jim McElwain Another Texas OC Candidate Per Report

Throw another hat into the ring with Major Applewhite, Bryan Harsin, and Chad Morris for the job of Texas offensive coordinator-- that of Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain.

If Harson was the buzz name early in the week and Major dominated the mid-weeks news, perhaps Friday and the weekend belong to McElwain. A source close to the Alabama program told that Texas "has shown an active interest" in McElwain, who has been in Tuscaloosa for the last two seasons and was recently interviewed for the Colorado head coaching position.

Of the four prominent names mentioned the most in connection with the Longhorns' open position, McElwain seems the most unlikely because of his candidacy for a relatively high-profile coaching position like Colorado. To even consider the Texas job, McElwain would have to be convinced not only that he won't be getting a head coaching position this off-season, but also that he would be better off at Texas rather than Alabama, one of the few lateral moves in college football for a coach coming to Austin.

The presence of Harsin and McElwain among those names discussed may provide some insight into the direction that Mack Brown plans to go offensively -- by hiring either of those coordinators, he would be making further attempts to install a power running game at Texas, with Harsin's offense probably being a litlte more multiple in terms of formation and pre-snap movement.

In terms of the short term, however, any serious discussions between McElwain and the Longhorns, as well as between Harsin and the Longhorns, probably will not happen until after the bowl season and given the considerations for McElain laid out above, it would seem like a longshot for McElwain to occupt the home press box at DKR next season.