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Colt McCoy Gets the Reins

This morning Cleveland coach Eric Mangini named Colt McCoy as his starter for the rest of the season.

 "I felt like he's earned this opportunity and I want to give it to him," Mangini said. "I want to see how he continues to grow. This is by no stretch just throwing a young guy in for the sake of throwing a young guy in. If I didn't think he could go out and lead us and be successful doing that, then I wouldn't make this decision. But I do feel that way and I feel strongly about it."

Colt hasn't played since November 21 when he incurred a high ankle sprain.

Definitive good news is always welcome, but this really shows a high degree of confidence in Colt not just for the present but for Colt's future as a NFL QB. As someone who had questions about his performance at the next level, this provides an answer about how substantial his contribution has been, for he's not just a fine QB, he's an excellent team leader.

This has to be a wonderful Christmas present for him and his family and what we might characterize as his extended family here at BON.

The Browns travel to Cincinnati Sunday. Colt can even his starting record to 3-3 with at win.