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USC Downs Texas 73-56

Ah, that first game of the season where the opponent fully exposes the team's weaknesses. It is inevitable, but it always provides clarity as to the challenges of the road ahead. I had promised a Texas Basketball Report on Monday, but the onset of a nasty cold plus tonight's loss is going to push it back a little bit. (No need for me to plead for Rick to play J'Covan more, for example. And lots more to say about the difficulties we're going to face because of our weak frontcourt. I'm going to push the TBR back a bit until I can discuss it all coherently.)

For tonight, let's just tip our hats to USC, who executed a superb game start to finish. I had a lot of respect for Kevin O'Neill coming into this one, and he showed why tonight. We'll talk about Texas in the days ahead. We're better than we showed tonight, but vulnerable in all the ways USC put on full display. We'll talk about what overcoming those deficiencies means.

Hook 'em.