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Bevo's Roundup - December 6, 2010 (Updated)

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The Greg Davis Death Watch continues. Update: He has not resigned. He is still here. Never mind.

Longhorns offensive coordinator Greg Davis told the American-Statesman on Sunday that he has not resigned from the coaching staff and that he is continuing to evaluate his situation with coach Mack Brown.

Davis said he and Brown will resume the evaluation process on Wednesday after Brown returns from New York City. Brown is attending the annual National Football Foundation scholar-athlete banquet and functions associated with the college football hall of fame.

Davis' comment came after a report Sunday from that Davis was expected to resign on Sunday.

And since he hasn't has resigned, we shouldn't should even think about a replacement.

Here are the top three candidates to replace Davis in my opinion in no particular order. All would be good choices. They are former Longhorn assistant Tim Brewster, who was fired recently as Minnesota’s head coach and who was such a great recruiter he’s the one who pursued Vince Young so vigorously; current Longhorn running backs coach Major Applewhite; and Tulsa offensive coordinator Chad Morris. Applewhite served as offensive coordinator at Rice and then (pretty much in title only) at Alabama. Morris has won three state championships in 17 years as a high school head coach, including two at Lake Travis, and in his first year directed the nation’s fifth best offense and 10th scoring offense with former Horn G.J. Kinne this season.

Stop thinking about Mike Leach.

This is a name thrown around so frequently that it makes me question how some of the people who propose it can share a UT degree with me. I’ve written many times before that Mike Leach is an elephant. I love elephants. From afar. I never want to own one. Neither does Texas. Those who propose this know nothing about Mack Brown, Texas, Mike Leach, risk mitigation, have likely never made a managerial decision of consequence in their lives, ignore human psychology, and are possibly congenitally mongoloid.

Beyond that, I value and respect your opinion.

The Horns are ready for a new offensive era.

That trip to LA didn't go as planned.

USC guard Marcus Simmons attached himself to Hamilton and never really left him alone, one reason the Trojans upset 19th-ranked Texas 73-56 in front of 4,127 fans.

Hamilton arrived with a scoring average of 21.7 points a game. Paced by Simmons, the Trojans limited Hamilton to 12 points. He converted just 4 of 13 shots.



Yippee. NewsOK has all the stuff you could possibly want about the Big 12-2 title game. A story wall, analysis, video highlights, photo gallery...I know you can't wait to click right on over.

You can forget all about that annual conference title game in Dallas.

A week of talk about how the Big 12 football title game will be missed left commissioner Dan Beebe confused.

"In the past in our conference, our coaches have been if not unanimous, nearly unanimous against having a championship game," Beebe said Saturday. "It would be interesting if they shifted that view all of a sudden because that's something we haven't heard in the eight years I've been here."

With the league's membership declining from 12 to 10, the title game will end for the foreseeable future. Beebe said "he didn't see or feel a great amount of momentum" in somehow continuing the title game.

He expects the league to have at least one or two regular-season games on the first weekend in December. Texas and Texas A&M officials said recently that they have been contacted about a possible move of the Lone Star Showdown.


At least the game was fun.

Oh well. It's too bad college football can't be more about the pageantry, the players and the fans.

Because when everything else is stripped away, Saturday night at Cowboys Stadium -- with nearly 80,000 standing, cheering fans and an exciting game that had zero BCS title game implications -- was pretty darn fun.

It was just another offensive clunker for the Cornhuskers.

This time, it ended not with shouts and expletives and suggestions of conspiracy. Bo Pelini didn’t go hunting for Dan Beebe.

This time, it ended with Pelini walking down the same tunnel where he exploded 364 days earlier, boarding a golf cart and burying his face in his hands.


Losing to Texas last year was the officials’ fault — or so Pelini thought.

Losing to Oklahoma this year was his fault.

The Land Thieves BCS drought could come to an end.

Sorry, but OU's desert holiday will be anticlimactic after that glorious Big 12 title victory over Nebraska on Saturday night.

Connecticut, an 8-4 team that this season lost to Rutgers and Temple, is a contender for least-accomplished BCS team ever.

They are everywhere. Mike Gundy just can't get away from that Stoops family.

Gundy coordinated that Cowboy offense, while Mike Stoops was OU's defensive coordinator.

Gundy and Stoops will reunite on Dec. 29, when 16th-ranked Oklahoma State (10-2) faces Arizona (7-5) in the 8:15 p.m., ESPN-televised Alamo Bowl at the 65,000-seat Alamodome in San Antonio.

Nebraska is heading back to the Holiday Bowl.

If Nebraska had its way, the college football bowl lineup wouldn't have unfolded the way it did Sunday evening.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the Huskers were not chosen to play in the Insight Bowl as expected — instead falling to the familiar Holiday Bowl, where they'll face the same Washington team that they blew out 56-21 in September.

Baylor is heading to the Texas Bowl.

The Aggies will play LSU in the Cotton Bowl.

Nebraska has the lowest graduation rate in the Big 12.


Coaching Carousel

Louisiana-Lafayette is considering OSU's Gunter Brewer and Joe DeForest as their head coach.

Nebraska's offensive coordinator Shawn Watson might be a candidate for the Vanderbilt job.

The Buffs have a new coach.

Does Miami want Bo Pelini?



<a href="" mce_href="" target="_new" title="">Fiutak: BCS got it right</a>

Here's a breakdown of all the BCS bowl games and the complete bowl schedule.

ESPN's 30 for 30 looks at the sorted history of the Southwest Conference, SMU and the death penalty.

In an old clip, Ron Meyer, the coach who orchestrated SMU’s rapid ascent in the college football world, offers this telling quote about his teams: "I feel we run basically an honest program."

Apparently in Meyer’s mind the word "basically" has unlimited borders.

Most forthcoming is Steve Endicott, a Meyer assistant at SMU who escaped to the New England Patriots [team stats] with his boss before the bloodhounds picked up the scent of the enormity of the scandal. In discussing Mark Lewis, a defensive back who ultimately went to Texas A&M, Endicott said SMU offered the recruit $20,000 to sign. "He looked at us and said, "Coach that’s not even close," Endicott recalled.

The final coaches' poll is out.

Bowl games are just the booby prize for teams left out of the BCS.

Michigan State received a nice consolation prize after being left out of the Bowl Championship Series.

For Boise State, the drop was a bit steeper.

Michigan State accepted a bid to the Capital One Bowl to face Alabama in what should be one of the most anticipated non-BCS bowls this season. Not everyone was so lucky, however. Boise State fell all the way to the MAACO Bowl in Las Vegas after its undefeated season ended in an overtime loss to Nevada the night after Thanksgiving

Learn physics and football in one afternoon.


The party is truly over. R.I.P. Don Meredith.