Support the Little Guys This Weekend

I know that the majority of readers on this blog are huge supporters of Texas High School Football. Every time I look up it seems that there's another fan post or article about the star recruits that UT is looking to bring in, and it seems that we tend to follow the schools from where our most touted recruits hail until they don the Burnt Orange. These include storied programs from across the state from South Lake Carroll to Lake Travis to Odessa Permian and everywhere else in between. All of the programs that people follow (or at least the majority of them) have one trait in common: They are all "big schools." They are the schools from where we recruit, they are the schools that typically have the most impressive players, and they are the schools that have the most attractive matchups throughout the playoffs, so the love sent their way is obviously warranted. My request this weekend, though, is for the readers of the site to take a step back from this big school love and support the little guys this coming weekend, if possible.

The Div.1 and the Div. 2 Texas Six-Man Football State Championship Games are set to be played this Saturday, Dec. 11 in Abilene at Shotwell Stadium. The matchups are as follows

Div. 2 Championship: Sterling City v. Richland Springs, 2 p.m

Div. 1 Championship: Garden City v. Throckmorton, 7 p.m.

If any of you live in or will be in the Abilene area I would encourage you to attend. If you've never seen a six-man game, I can promise you are in for a real treat. The games are usually offensive spectacles, and the heart these kids play with is amazing to watch -you'll likely see some players play both ways the entire game and never leave the field. Specifically, my old head coach is the head coach at Garden City, so I have a special interest in the game. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it, so I hope some people on here can enjoy the experience in my absence.

I know these kids aren't going to be the 4 and 5 star recruits we're so accustomed to watching through their high school careers and almost all of them will never play organized sports again once they step off the field for the final time their senior year. That said, they leave it all on the field just like the big boys, and they deserve support too.

If any of you are in the Abilene area this weekend I hope you can head out to support the little guys and Texas Six Man Football.

Hook 'Em.

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