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Bevo's Roundup - December 8, 2010



Give Greg Davis some credit.

Hate him or hate him more, Davis will go down as the best offensive coordinator the school has ever seen, and leaving with the top nine scoring attacks in school history attests to his success here. The time to make a change is now, but that doesn't diminish his accomplishments.

The new hires will set the tone for the future.

Is Jackson Jeffcoat's dad up for the new defensive line coach?

Jeffcoat has played and coached in the state of Texas for a long time and has a lot of contacts around the state. He's personable, smart and would be a good recruiter for the Longhorns. Not to mention Jackson has the potential to develop into one of the Longhorns', if not the nation's, best linemen in the next three years and he would probably thrive playing under his father.

Who are we, really?

Before Mack Brown offers Greg Davis' old job to someone, the Texas head football coach had better decide something else: What is the Longhorns' offensive identity going to be?

Nice. By the way, ESPN is suing Bellmont.

ESPN says the University of Texas is playing games with sports station's FOIA request about plans to move the Longhorns out of the Big 12 Conference. Possible realignment of the Big 12, PAC 10 and Big 10 is big news, and the public is entitled to it, ESPN says, despite the UT's claim that the documents are protected from disclosure by attorney-client privilege.
     ESPN and its reporter Paula Lavigne sued the University of Texas System, seeking declaratory judgment in Travis County Court, Austin.


These are some of the names being tossed around for OC.

Bryan Harsin - Boise State

Smart Football breaks down the Boise offense.

It’s no secret that Boise State knows how to move the football — its 42 points per game last season led the nation — but it’s exactly how Boise moves the ball that makes them unique.

People in Idaho seem to think he is a Texas target.


Jim McElwain - Alabama

This guy has a great sense of humor.

When he sensed Mark Ingram, the Heisman Trophy winner, would be a special player: "Mark? Is that that guy's name?"

Why he stopped using the "pistol" offense (a variant of the shotgun) after flirting with it earlier in the season: "I just got bored." And again later, when someone else asked the same question: "I must have got bored with it. I'll go back and put that in, OK?"


Gus Malzahn - Auburn

Malzahn just won the Broyles Award for the top assistant coach and he is currently on Vanderbilt's radar, but the Cam Newton taint may be too much for Bellmont.


Chad Morris - Tulsa

Mack Brown discusses Morris.

He took over the OC position at Tulsa after Gus Malzahn left for Auburn.