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Nebraska's Papuchis Reportedly Considered For Texas DT Coach

It seems like a perfect fit -- Nebraska's John Papuchis fits all the requirements for the vacant position of Texas defensive tackles coach. At 32, Papuchis is young and fiery, with a similar personality to that of Will Muschamp, the Texas defensive coordinator. He also has connections to Muschamp, having worked with him on the 2004 LSU staff. A strong recruiter, Papuchis has experience in the state of Texas, handling the recruitment of Rex Burkhead. 

Moreover, Papuchis is also the special teams coordinator for the Cornhuskers and would presumably fill the same position for Texas. There have been some rumors that Oscar Giles could take over coaching the entire defensive line and that the Longhorns would go after a dedicated coach for the linebackers, a position handled right now by Will Muschamp, but Papuchis' ability to fill both the defensive tackle position and role of special teams coordinator makes him especially appealing.

According to sources close to the Nebraska program, Papuchis is being considered for the job, says the Statesman. However, on Thursday afternoon Papuchis denied any contact with anyone associated with the Texas program, which doesn't necessarily mean anything this early in the process. From the sound of things, if there is any truth to the reports of Papuchis being a candidate for job, Papuchis is still a long way from becoming the next Texas defensive tackles coach and special teams coordinator.