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2011 Texas Big Board: The Defensive Ends

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Defensive ends on the 2011 roster -- Russell Carter (2011), Dravannti Johnson (2012), Alex Okafor (2012), Tevin Mims (2013), Dominique Jones (2013), Kyle Kriegel (20013), Greg Daniels (2013/14), Jackson Jeffcoat (2013/14), Reggie Wilson (2013/14)

Needs -- Two

Targets --

Name (School) JD invite? Offer? Commitment odds Favorites Quick take
Jermauria Rasco (Shreveport (LA) Evangel Christian) Date unconfirmed (pending ride) No-bainer 50%
  • Texas
  • LSU
Had one of the best sophomore seasons in the history of high school football with 29 sacks and almost 150 tackles. National recruit who may be a top-10 player in the country. Excellent edge rusher with advanced technique, but may not have a projectable -- he has relatively narrow shoulders, though he will have no trouble playing at 240-250 pounds in college. Traveled to Dallas to watch Texas against Oklahoma this season. Coached by former Longhorn Phillip Geiggar. Epected to come down to Texas and LSU.
Cedric Reed (Cleveland) Feb. 13 No-brainer 55%
  • Texas
  • LSU
  • Oklahoma
Possesses raw athleticism, as evidenced by his success on the basketball court and at the tight end position. Could stand to use his hands better but clearly has impressive natural strength and explosiveness.National prospect.
Nathan Hughes (Klein Oak) Feb. 13 Highly likely 80%
  • Texas
  • LSU
  • Oklahoma
Big kid at 6-5 and 240+ -- has the frame to play some three tech situationally. Plays a five tech in the Klein Oak 3-4, so he has little experience as an edge rusher. Would project as a run-stopping defensive end in college. Reportedly loves Texas (comes from a family of Texas fans) and has a big-time offer list.
Lance Skyler (Lancaster) Feb. 27 Possible ? Unknown Relatively undersized at 6-3, 220 pounds. Little information about him available, but he could be the project edge rusher in the class. Plays on a talented high school team. Played some linebacker as a sophomore.


Other names to know -- Jimmy Bean (Denton Guyer), Ben Goodman (Beaumont West Brook), MJ Sam (Strake Jesuit), James Rushing (Houston Memorial), Darrell Thomas-Kelly (Lufkin)

Overview -- After landing two of the top several players in the country at defensive end and with Alex Okafor a member of the previous class, the Longhorns should be set at defensive end for years to come. The deepening depth chart could end up being a problem for Texas as 2011 recruiting progresses, but the good news is that the top three players on the board -- Rasco, Reed, and Hughes -- are all high on Texas, with Hughes looking like a possible early commitment. The recruitments of Reed and Rasco will be national in nature, but the Longhorns are in good shape with both of them and Texas would likely be willing to wait for both.

Ideally, the Longhorns would take one run-stopping defensive end like Hughes and then take an edge-rushing defensive end capable of getting to the quarterback like Rasco or Reed. It's also possible that a linebacker like Anthony Wallace or Kendall Thompson gets offered as a defensive end.

Wish list --

  1. Rasco
  2. Reed
  3. Hughes (if no commitment from Desmond Jackson or Marquis Anderson)

The most likely scenario is that Hughes commits early and then the Longhorns wait for either Reed or Rasco -- despite only needing two defensive ends in the class and the position being relatively low in terms of the overall needs of the class, the edge rusher is so important in the Big 12 that there should always be room for a guy like Reed or Rasco. Don't be surprised if Texas offers somewhere currently under the radar at the defensive end position.