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2011 Texas Big Board: The Athletes

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Athletes on 2011 roster -- DeMarco Cobbs (2013/14)

Needs -- Two or three

Targets --


Name (School) JD invite? Offer? Commitment odds Favorites Quick take
Hakeem Flowers (Greenville (SC)) Feb. 27 No-brainer 10%
  • Offers from everyone
  • Seriously, everyone
Most likely projects as a receiver at the next level -- it's unclear why Rivals lists him as an athlete. Long, lean, and fast as hell, Flowers shows off his excellent feet on jet sweeps and is clearly a big-time deep threat. Could be an impact player in the return game. Has had little or no personal contact with the Texas coaching staff. Can't-miss prospect who will fly into Austin with his father for the second Junior Day.
Ladarius Brown (Waxahachie) Will attend, date unconfirmed Likely 85%
  • Texas
  • TCU
  • Baylor
  • Oklahoma
  • Alabama
As a receiver, Brown has the ball skills and body control that would translate well to the safety position, but his pure speed is something of a question mark -- he doesn't look to have elite speed on film, but his height (6-2) could make him deceptive in that respect. Needs to work on tackling form. Hard to say how exactly Brown feels about the Longhorns, as he is apparently hard to get into contact with and has done few interviews.
Desmond Roland (Dallas Lake Highlands) Will attend, date unconfirmed Possible 25%
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
Much like DeMarco Cobbs, Roland projects as a guy who could play receiver or running back or a combination of the two in college. Has the feet, vision, and balance to play running back. Excellent athlete, but the Longhorns don't have a particular need for him and he's thought to be an Oklahoma lean.
Mykkele Thompson (San Antonio Stevens) Will attend, date unconfirmed Likely 80%
  • Texas
  • TCU
  • Texas A&M
  • Baylor
  • Oklahoma
All-around athlete who played quarterback and wide receiver for Stevens as a junior. One of the best long-jumpers in the state. Only recently surfaced on the Texas radar.
Quandre Diggs (Angleton) Feb. 27 Likely 90%
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • LSU
Well-built kid, but undersized at 5-8 or 5-9 -- probably too small to play cornerback for Muschamp. A better comparison might be a thicker, stronger DJ Monroe and he could fit into the Texas offense in a similar way. Could also be an excellent safety, but it would be difficult to make the decision to take the ball out of his hands, which would solve the problem of his size as well. Says he wants to play defensive back. Brother of Quentin Jammer -- has known the Texas coaching staff for most of his life. Texas fell out of contact for some time and it's not clear whether they stopped recruiting him or just thought that they didn't need to keep up with him as much because he was a virtual lock to accept an offer.

Other names to know -- Quincy Aldridge (Whitehouse), Everett Pleasant (Humble Atascocita), Jermichael Selders (Houston Cy Creek), Stephen Williams (Round Rock Stony Point)

Overview -- This is the position where the Longhorns could end taking an athlete who could play safety or end up on the offensive side of the ball at wide receiver. Besides the obvious take in Flowers, the most likely candidates for offers are both guys who would probably get a look at safety first -- Thompson, a kid rising quickly up the charts from San Antonio, so he's a guy Akina has recruited personally and Ladarius Brown, who plays receiver at Waxahachie

In terms of all the position groups, there is less certainty about which players will receive offers in this group than any other -- there is little information available as to where these players rank on the Texas board. This is the group of players who could supplement Shipley and likely Onyegbule at receiver or provide depth at safety and could influence whether or not a guy like Franklin Shannon gets an offer.

Wish list --

  1. Hakeem Flowers
  2. Mykkele Thompson or Ladarius Brown
  3. Quandre Diggs

Flowers is obviously the major national target and a guy the Longhorns will have to wait for, but his upcoming trip to Austin speaks highly of his interest. The staff will have to sell him hard, particularly on his ability to play quickly and how they would plan on using him, presumably offensively. It's necessary to sell him hard because he has had so little contact with the coaching staff -- for him to vault the Longhorns near the top of his impressive list, Mack Brown and company will have to make him feel at home, show him that Texas is a school apart from all the others. A tough task, but one that Brown does exceptionally well.

As for the rest, Texas will probably want to take one of Brown and Thompson, as both are guys who project well to the safety position -- it may come down to which one is willing to make a switch to that side of the ball, though either one could get a look on offense for Texas. Diggs is a bit of a tough read at this point, as he didn't appreciate the staff losing touch with him -- it will be interesting to see if Texas gives him an offer and if he decides to take more time. His decision may come down to where the Longhorns see him playing in college, though they would obviously give him a chance at whatever position he desires were he to commit.