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Morning Coffee -- Texas Junior Day Primer

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Horns_bullet_mediumSetting the stage. Throughout the week, the focus has been on the 2011 Texas Big Boards, looks at each individual position and the current Texas targets. Here they are:


Horns_bullet_mediumThe Junior Day attendees. This is the updated list of the players expected to be in Austin on Saturday for the Junior Day, which began spectacularly on Friday afternoon with the commitments of Jaxon Shipley, Chet Moss, and Taylor Doyle. The momentum continued early Saturday morning with the commitment of Miles Onyegbule.

  • David Ash, Belton quarterback
  • Joe Bergeron, North Mesquite running back/fullback
  • Malcolm Brown, Cibolo Steele running back
  • Jaxon Shipley, Brownwood wide receivers (committed)
  • Miles Onyegbule, Arlington (committed)
  • Trey Metoyer, Whitehouse wide receiver (will not attend)
  • MJ McFarland, El Paso El Dorado tight end
  • Marcus Hutchins, DeSoto offensive tackle (update)
  • Sedrick Flowers, Galena Park North Shore guard
  • Josh Cochran, Hallsville offensive tackle
  • Christian Westerman, Chandler (AZ) offensive tackle
  • Taylor Doyle, Lake Travis offensive tackle (committed)
  • Marquis Anderson, Cibolo Steele defensive tackle
  • Desmond Jackson, Spring Westfield defensive tackle
  • Cedric Reed, Cleveland defensive end
  • Nathan Hughes, Klein Oak defensive end
  • Steve Edmond, Daingerfield linebacker
  • Chet Moss, Cedar Park linebacker (committed)
  • Anthony Wallace, Dallas Skyline linebacker
  • Devon Hocutt, Killeen Ellison linebacker
  • Leroy Scott, South Houston cornerback
  • Sheroid Evans, Sugar Land Dulles safety

Horns_bullet_mediumPlaying the prediction game. Conventional wisdom holds that the Longhorns will come out of the weekend with between eight and 12 commitments. Obviously, four offers are confirmed to have gone out and all four were immediately accepted, leaving four to eight recruits still to make a decision. A guy like Devon Hocutt would probably commit on the spot, but he is one of the least likely players to receive an offer out of the entire group.

These are the players most likely to receive an offer and commit this weekend:

  • David Ash -- A lot of the speculation around the quarterback position has centered around whether or not the Longhorns will be able to fill the position with their top target. Right now, it looks like it will happen.
  • MJ McFarland -- He's backed off of his "commit on the spot" stance, as his parents want him to check out Texas Tech, but once they get on campus, they won't mind him making the early decision.
  • Josh Cochran -- His stock has really risen recently and he's a Mack Brown type of kid. Like Taylor Doyle on Friday, Cochran receives his offer and commits immediately.
  • Nathan Hughes -- Long thought to be a Longhorn lock, Hughes doesn't waste any time pulling the trigger after his meeting with Mack.
  • Leroy Scott -- Perhaps one of the top targets in the entire class, conventional wisdom has had Scott committing early to Texas for nearly a year.

Horns_bullet_mediumProgramming note. Since the only out-of-state kid in town this weekend has been on the radar for some time -- Christian Westerman -- the promised look at the Texas recruiting philosophy outside the state will have to wait until later in the week.