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Horns Take Game One Against New Mexico 6-2 -- Game Two Open Thread

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The Horns jumped to a 6-0 lead and Taylor Jungmann provided a very strong 7 innings of work against a New Mexico team that can score runs. For those expecting huge things from Jungmann this season it was about as good a start as possible. Jungmann struck out 8 and gave up 2 runs (1 earned), and Stayton Thomas and Chance Ruffin each pitched scoreless frames.

Your heroes at the plate were Kyle Lusson (!) hiting his first career home run and Connor Rowe adding a 3-for-4 day with 2 RBI. Kevin Keyes picked up an RBI but he and Russell Moldenhauer combined for a rough 0-6 day. Perhaps the most important story coming out of Friday's victory is the lack of story coming from Tant Shepherd and first base. He was solid defensively and went 2-3 batting, suggesting maybe he is due for a big season afterall.

Box Score


Today we'll see Brandon Workman take the mound for the Horns. With a solid season Workman will just about guarantee himself a place in the MLB's first round. In 2009 it seems like we either got brilliant Workman or terrible Workman, so finding consistency from start to start will be the key to his 2010 campaign.

The action starts at 2 PM today, you can watch online at when the basketball gets a little too depressing.