Chet Moss' Army Combine Numbers


As an addendum to discussions about Moss' overall athleticism and whether or not he is a good take in this class, here are his numbers from the Army combine: 40-yard dash -- 4.90 seconds This number isn't impressive on the surface, as it would make him incredibly slow for an FBS linebacker, but that's where the context comes into play. The track at the Alamodome is horrendously slow -- only one play at the whole event ran a sub-4.6. Moss actually finished as the 46th fastest player in the 40 at the entire event. Remember, this is a national event as well. Shuttle -- 4.41 seconds Once again, Moss compares favorably for his position and weight, as only two players in the 20 above him weigh over 200 pounds and most of the players grouped around him are skill position players -- cornerbacks, running backs and wide receivers. As a point of comparison, former Iowa running back Shonn Greene, who ran a 4.65 40 at the NFL combine, ran a 4.40 shuttle. Vertical leap -- 31 inches Only eight players at the event weighed more than Moss and had a higher vertical leap. With the exception of a few quarterbacks and defensive ends, most of the players grouped around Moss in terms of vertical leap are athletes, running backs, or defensive backs.