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Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph To Compete In 2010 Jordan Brand Classic

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Findlay Prep (and Grassroots Canada) teammates Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph have been named to the West rosters of the 2010 Jordan Brand Classic. The annual showcase game will take place on Saturday, April 17th at Madison Square Garden.

Thompson, a 6-9 power forward from Canada, committed to play for Rick Barnes during his sophomore season, while Joseph, an elite 6-3 shooting guard is as yet uncommitted and remains a top target for Barnes' 2010 class, of which Thompson is currently the only member. I've spent some time watching Joseph's video and would love for Rick Barnes to land him. He's not nearly the athlete that Avery Bradley is, but he's a much, much purer shooter. He's got a nice, smooth release and shoots with a high, pretty arch. He's got good handles and and touch, and isn't shy about playing with contact. He's not super quick, but he knows how to move.

Texas is certain to lose at least three scholarship players after this season (James, Pittman, and Mason are all seniors), and could lose more should one of the three freshmen decide to test the NBA waters (looks unlikely at this point), or if someone like Hill or Chapman decides to transfer. It remains to be seen what will happen with Balbay, but as Wiggo asked in an email, have we seen the Turk's last game in a Longhorn uniform? Given the timing of the injury, it's a legitimate, if sad, question to ponder.