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Mack Brown Spring Practice Press Conference Open Thread

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Right in the middle of recruiting season, a beautiful thing happens for those Texas fans pining desperately for the sweet salve of football during the interminable wait until fall Saturdays -- spring practice. It means an update to the roster and the obligatory hyperanalysis of jersey numbers, weights, and even a few curious position listings. It means that Mack Brown will discuss the 2010 football team in depth for the first time after generally avoiding the subject during his Signing Day press conference. It means the first serious dialogue on the state of the football team since the disastrous loss to Alabama.

So where else is a better place to spend the 11 am CT press conference than right here with your fellow BONizens? Consider this your open thread.

A few brief questions Brown may address:

  • Whither the running game? If this hasn't now become an age-old question, it certainly seems like it. Greg Davis alluded to more work under center in an interview with Mark Schlabach and talked about tinkering with the position of the running back, possibly presaging a move to the pistol, for which there is a growing chorus. Will Brown reveal any more information about the
  • Is there an early leader in the battle between Connor Wood and Case McCoy for the (presumably) third-string quarterback job that will keep one of them from redshirting this season?
  • How will Garrett Gilbert grow this spring?
  • Who will step up in the receiving corps?
  • Is there any news on Chris Whaley and/or any truth to the rumblings that he may get a look at tight end?
  • Who will receive the three maligned starters along the offensive line who just graduated?
  • How much progress will Christian Scott make towards winning a starting safety job with Nolan Brewster sidelined this spring?
  • Where are Calvin Howell and Derek Johnson at in their development?