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Joe Bergeron Gives 'Horns Option At Fullback

Instant analysis -- In some ways, the commitment of Joe Bergeron is about much more than acquiring the services of a true fullback. It's about luring running backs like powerful Malcolm Brown and shifty Aaron Green, who has repeatedly stated that he wants to play in a "pro-style offense." It's hard to tell exactly what that means, but it's safe to say that it probably includes a lead blocker and a head start from seven yards deep instead of next to the quarterback.

The proliferation of spread offenses has almost removed the fullback from the high school game in Texas, making Bergeron a rare find. A lifelong Texas fan, Bergeron was considered a Texas lock throughout the process and became one of the first commitments on the morning of the first Junior Day. Like many other prospects who are locks throughout the process, Bergeron isn't a sexy take in a class with limited numbers, but he will be a crucial part of Longhorn success on the ground in the coming years.

Instant scouting report -- It's been some time since the Longhorns have had a legitimate fullback. Former Marine Ahmard Hall was the last and the Longhorns didn't use a fullback often in the 2005 season. The last fullback to play extensively was Cedric Benson's personal lead blocker, Will Matthews, in 2004. As the Longhorns attempt to resurrect the running game, Bergeron will be a major part of the effort as a fullback, H-back, and possible short-yardage specialist.

At around six feet tall and 230 pounds, Bergeron has remarkable feet for a large back and quickness similar to Cody Johnson. Watching him run, it's hard to believe that he is a 230-pound running back because he moves like someone much lighter. Timed at 4.6 in the 40 at the NUC ($) before his junior season, Bergeron drew interest from power-running teams like Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Michigan State and will be able to play a variety of positions and even split out as a receiver to take advantage of his solid speed and soft hands. Described as a solid blocker by his head coach ($), it would be interesting to see some film on Bergeron as a blocker because his highlight film does not include any tape of him as a lead blocker.

He's also incredibly strong, reporting a max bench press of 375 pounds and a squat of 560 pounds. After dropping some weight during the last year, Bergeron has a college-ready body and could contribute during his freshman season, though having a player like Barrett Matthews in front of him on the depth chart could keep him from playing right away.

Overall, versatility is the name of the game for Bergeron and he provides with the capability to play numerous positions at a high level.