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The Taylor Jungmann Epiphany -- Game Two Open Thread

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Do you remember the moment you realized Vince Young's 2005 season was going to be special? At what point did you decide that going to see the Kevin Durant, regardless of how Texas basketball fared, was well worth the price of admission? Looking back two years from now, it may very well be that the epiphany as far as Taylor Jungmann is concerned began this weekend. Jungmann's true brilliance was first on display in Omaha when the training wheels came off, but his start to the 2010 campaign has been just beyond the pale. Jungmann has pitched 14 innings against two pretty good offensive teams to start the season, giving up 11 hits and only 1 earned run while striking out 18. That's a 0.64 ERA for those of you counting at home. Those numbers are pretty good.

There's obviously no way of knowing how the 2010 or 2011 seasons will turn out. There's no way of knowing whether Jungmann will continue on this torrent pace and put up Stephen Strasburg-type numbers (13-1, 1.32 ERA) for an entire season. But, if Jungmann stays healthy, there is a very good chance that Jungmann's next two seasons will be special in a way that we haven't seen from a Longhorn pitcher in the last two decades. It may be the type of special where you decide to go to a Friday ballgame over a Saturday or Sunday game solely because Jungmann will be pitching. Maybe his numbers by the end of the season will be significantly more pedestrian, but if Jungmann has the type of season he's capable of you won't want to miss it.

On a less deep note, it'll be Brandon Workman on the mound today for the Horns as they go for a series win at 2 PM.