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Texas Second Junior Day Update

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As of around 10:30 am CT, no news to report in terms of commitments, not a surprise since so few offers will go out and not many commitments are even expected this weekend, probably no more than half of the eight from last year at the second Junior Day.

However, there is some news -- Jeff Howe is reporting that Daniel Lasco and James Castleman will not be attending the Junior Day. On the positive side for Texas, Matthew Hegarty and Quandre Diggs were in town on Friday evening to take in the first spring practice and Kendall Thompson and Garrett Greenlea are both confirmed as attending. In other words, the two most important players at the Junior Day got to watch practice and spend some time around the team and the third and fourth most important attendees will be in town. Perhaps that's not a surprise, but it's good news for the four players most likely to receive offers.