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Two Commitments Highlight Second Texas Junior Day

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It's not a major surprise the second Texas Junior Day appears to have netted the Longhorns two commitments, a number that looks low in comparison to years past, but the context of having 15 commitments coming into the weekend and only a few offers even expected to go out. Garrett Greenlea and Kendall Thompson are the two commiments, with Matthew Hegarty the only other confirmed offer at this point.

Of course, that leaves Quandre Diggs as the major surprise not to receive an offer. Basically, it looks like the Longhorns want more time to evaluate the cornerbacks/defensive backs in the class and the fact that Josh Turner was not able to make it into town this weekend may have factored heavily into that decision. It remains to be seen what exactly happens with Diggs and there may not be any concrete news about that until later in the week when Diggs speaks about what transpired this weekend. Marquis Jackson reportedly did not make it in into town because of basketball, so that may also have played a role.

Hakeem Flowers is another guy who did not receive an offer today, but that comes as less of a surprise than Diggs, as Texas doesn't appear to have room for another receiver and Flowers has plenty of opportunities to play receive in college, as he has close to 40 offers now. The two parties probably aren't exactly headed in different directions, so Flowers remains firmly on the radar as he begins the process of elmiinating schools from his list.