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Horns Go For The Sweep -- Open Thread

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[UPDATE: Horns sweep Stanford 6-0, 6-3, 8-2. Cole Green is the hero of today with 15 up and 15 down in relief. Augie's vision for the former starters Green and Ruffin really coming into focus after this weekend]

Texas goes for what would be a fantastic sweep of Stanford on Sunday. Austin Dicharry will be on the mound looking to keep Stanford's potent offense in check for one more day. So far this season Texas has been getting it done without receiving much contribution from Kevin Keyes (.227 BA -- one huge homer), Kevin Lusson (.188 BA), Brandon Loy (.167 BA) or Russell Moldenhauer (.118 BA). There should be no worry about Keyes, his hitting has always been cyclical and is likely to pick up in a big way. Loy struggled early in 2009 as well but had a big 2 RBI double yesterday to give the Horns some much needed breathing room. And while Kevin Lusson and Moldenhauer aren't getting hits, both are getting on base a good bit (.409 and .423 OBP respectively).

Game three begins at 1 PM.