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Texas Longhorns Signing Day Headquarters/Open Thread (Update: All 25 Sign)

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For national Signing Day news throughout the day, keep up at

11:08 am CST: Cobbs now official. The Texas Longhorns 2010 football class is now complete -- the Chosen 25.

10:40 am CST: Still waiting on Cobbs, but it's apparently official that Mr. A&M is now Mr. Sooner.

10:15 am CST: Mack Brown's press conference will be at 3:30 pm CST and available over at MB-TF. Definitely worth watching and I'll be around to live blog it. No word yet on Cobbs.

10:05 am CST: Ketchum says everyone but Cobbs has signed and confirmation for Cobbs should come through at any minute -- he was supposed to sign five minutes ago.

9:55 am CST: Carrington Byndom now officially a Longhorn and Darius White told Ketchum about 45 minutes ago and White said he was signing and faxing his LOI.

9:24 am CST: Tevin Jackson and Adrian Phillips now officially confirmed. Geoff Ketchum is also reporting on his Twitter feed that "Mr. A&M" Corey Nelson may end up as a Sooner after all.

9:20 am CST: John Harris and Taylor Bible now confirmed.

8:08 am CST: Aaron Benson (from the Inside Texas page from now on, unless otherwise noted).

8:02 am CST: Traylon Shead.

7:57 am CST: Chris Jones is the latest.

7:57 am CST: Greg Daniels now confirmed.

7:51 am CST: Trey Hopkins has sent in his LOI.

7:40 am CST: The three early enrollees -- Case McCoy, Adrian White, and Connor Wood -- are officially Longhorns.

7:37 am CST: Wide receiver Markeith Ambles commits to USC, comparing himself to Chad Ochocino, apparently. Not sure what exactly that means.

7:32 am CST: Now confirming Dominic Espinosa and Reggie Wilson.

7:30 am CST: Inside Texas is reporting on their front page that Darius Terrell and DeAires Cotton have faxed their LOIs and are now officially Longhorns.

This thread will be updated as the Letters of Intent pour in for the members of the 2010 class as they officially become Texas Longhorns. In fact, it's before 7 am CST right now and both services are reporting that Jordan Hicks has already faxed in his LOI (also on Twitter) and became the first official member of the class.

Use this as your open thread for any Signing Day announcements of interest, though the Texas class is now complete.

In terms of coverage today, there will be an overview of the entire 25-person class, as well as some thoughts on the Narrative, and on the players who got away. The four other Recruiting Spotlights for the Crowning Six (Hicks and Jeffcoat are up) are also on the way, but probably won't make it up today unless I become significantly less compulsive about including every bit of relevant information. Here's dime's Signing Day BDR with an overview of recruiting in the conference (with more to follow later today or tomorrow) and some thoughts setting the stage for today, as well as some bits of the Narrative included.

But if you only do one thing today, take some time and bask in the moment as these 25 players officially declare that they are with the Texas Longhorns, not against them.