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Mack Brown's Texas Signing Day Press Conference

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3:30 pm CST -- Mack Brown's National Signing Day press conference. Looks like they will cover it on News Eight Austin, as well.

So, people are asking about football season already. Well, the start of spring practice is about four week away, but for now, today marks the first time that Mack Brown will hold a press conference since the loss to Alabama and the last time he will hold a press conference before the start of spring practice. You'll get some coachspeak, but it will feel so good, in large part because some of these players have been committed for almost a year and Brown hasn't been able to say a single public word about them.

Why? Because they're with us rather than against us. Because when Mack Brown wants your sandwich, he gets your sandwich. Because Texas is Texas. The Chosen 25. One goal -- national championships.


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