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EDSBS LIVE: Signing Day Wrap

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Spencer and I return to the radio to wrap National Signing Day 2010. Show starts at 7:00 7:30 p.m. CST and we'll go for the full two hours. As fans of Florida and Texas, expect there to be much gloating and counting of bullion.

PB: "Spencer, I'm having trouble accessing Texas' list. Could you confirm that Mack signed 18 four-star guys this year?"

Spencer: "Checking... Nope. It was 19."

PB: "Ah, 19. Not bad. You sorta hope to get to 20, but when two of your guys are five-star prospects, it makes it tough. I know Florida really suffered from that, right?"

Spencer: "Doubly so. Four five-star guys this year. Really drags down the four-star totals."

PB: "Ouch."

Spencer: "Brutal."

PB: "You said, 19, right?"

Tune in to the audio here. Live chat will be here.