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Texas vs. Iowa Saturday Open Thread -- Let's Play Two

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[UPDATE: Cole Green goes the distance (7 IP, 4 hits, 1 ER) in a 3-1 victory in game 1 of the double header. Game 2 should start around 3:00 PM]

Game 1 features Cole Green going on the mound for Texas at 12:30. Game 2 will see Brandon Workman around 3:30. Jordan Etier is definitely starting to swing a better bat, as evidenced by his game tying homer last night, but he still has 18 strikeouts in just 39 official at-bats (and the team as a whole is striking out in about 1 in 4 at-bats). Chance Ruffin's body of work so far (0.57 ERA, 15.1 IP, 1 ER, 22 Ks) is starting to make any questions about his move to closer seem pretty silly. Oh, and just a reminder, Taylor Jungmann had 17 strikeouts last night. And he'll be sticking around for another year to sign autographs and strikeout over matched kids from the Midwest.

Elsewhere around the country, #1 LSU went down to Kansas and #2 Florida State went down to #4 Virginia. As a matter of fact, the Big XII as a conference is playing at a much higher level than we figured it would, with only Texas Tech losing last night. A series win over LSU would give the conference some much needed street cred. Or something like that.

Two other quick notes. #1, this keeps getting brought up, but Jungmann is NOT eligible for the draft this season. Only seniors in high school, juniors or seniors in college, and draft eligible sophomores (players that turn 21 before or within 45 days of the draft). Jungmann’s birthday is in December so he won’t be eligible for the draft until after his junior year (when he may very well be the #1 overall pick). We are virtually assured two more years of Taylor. #2, no official word, but game 2 today may very well be just a 7 inning affair.