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Selection Sunday Open Thread

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Man, it feels like a long time since we watched Texas get steamrolled by Baylor in the Big 12 Tournament. 


But Texas wasn't the only team to blow a chance to drastically improve their seeding this past week.  A week of early upsets and bubble teams stealing bids has relatively stabilized in the major conferences, as the top seeds wound up winning the Big 12, SEC, and ACC tournaments.  Furthermore, top seed Ohio State is currently in a tight battle against Minnesota for the Big 10 championship. 

Wiggo is in Vegas awaiting full internet access and had these words to pass along.

Yesterday was crazy for bubble teams. Houston, Washington, and New Mexico State all stole bids. And Miss State and Minnesota get their chances today. Minnesota probably stole Illinois's bid with their advance to the finals. I think Miss St must win today to be in though.  (Ed note--they didnt)

Just for the record, I've got:

Last Four In: Florida, Wake, Minnesota (win or lose), and Utah State

Last Five Out: Miss State, Illinois, Virginia Tech, Seton Hall, Rhode Island

Texas is currently seeded as a 7-seed in ESPN projections.  Assuming we avoid K-State, then that leaves teams like Ohio State, West Virginia, or Georgetown as the likely 2nd-round matchup, if we can get past our opening round match-up.  As for the locations, if Texas doesn't get Oklahoma City or New Orleans, it's gonna be a long trip for the 'Horns.  The other regionals are in Jacksonville, Spokane, San Jose, Providence, Milwaukee, Buffalo. 

Consider this your open thread for Selection Sunday.  Much, much more to follow tonight.

UPDATE: Texas playing Wake Forest in 8/9 matchup, setting up potential showdown with #1 Kentucky.

UPDATE #2: Wiggo goes 65/65 in his predictions.  All hail Wiggo.